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KievII Host is like a Digital Audio Workstation for KievII audio plugins using HTML5's Web Audio API

KievII Host is a pretty neat project by Cristiano Belloni that pushes the boundaries of HTML5’s Web Audio API and uses HTML5’s “very cutting-edge Web Audio Input feature” allowing low-latency access to live audio from a microphone or other audio input on OS X. Sorry Windows and Linux, but stability for WAI is only OS X at the moment.

KievII Host

KievII Host is a host application for KievII audio plugins. Cristiano describes it as a highly experimental KievII plugin host, and via email said “I just shipped v 0.1.1, which features plugin window resizing and I’ll be adding new plugins to the plugin repo over the next few days. I’ll also be including my Morningstar Synth project, which The Changelog featured a year back.”

KievII Host loads the KievII plugins dynamically from the Github repository, using the GitHub API and require.js.

From the KievII Host homepage:

KievII Host is my take on a web application which can dynamically load, execute and interconnect independent audio plugins, just like Digital Audio Workstations do with VST and/or AU plugins.

One of the goals of the project is to define an open standard for web audio plugins, and maintain an open repository of said plugins, which developers can contribute to freely.

If you’re interesting in helping Christiano and dabbling in some sick JavaScript and HTML5’s Web Audio API read the overview on how to develop a KievII plugin. The K2H plugin spec is under active development and open to change as well as suggestions. File an issue to share your thoughts and ideas.

Here are a few links to checkout:


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