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LiveReload - CoffeeScript, Sass, LESS and others just work

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If you haven’t heard, LiveReload from Andrey Tarantsov is now 2.0 and is in the Mac App Store for $9.99!

Hey, LiveReload isn’t open source!

What’s that you say? Isn’t The Changelog about what’s fresh and new in open source?

While LiveReload may not be a true open source project, Andrey did opt to release the full source code of LiveReload 2 as well as livereload-plugins, livereload-js and livereload-extensions on GitHub.

Why did Andrey opt to open the code?

Because curiosity is the most basic and important quality of good developers. I believe that everyone benefits from being able to study and tinker with other people’s software. - Andrey Tarantsov

So there’s no formal license attached to the code, but you are able to fork, hack and share your results on GitHub. Andrey’s only request? Don’t distribute binaries publicly without his permission and pay for a license of you use it.

If you would like to reuse parts of the code, Andrey did say in the newsletter that went out today that if you find a nice generic class or a piece of code you’d like to reuse, he will probably be happy to release it under MIT.

Congrats on the new son!

Andrey is expecting a new son any day now! So, if you’re on the fence about buying the app - that’s a good reason to support him and get a licensed copy.

Source on GitHub - Homepage


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