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Mantri.js is a new JavaScript Dependency System

Thanasis Polychronak has released a new JavaScript Dependency System called Mantri. You may be asking yourself, why create yet another JavaScript Dependency System? Well, straight from the home page:

Medium to Large web applications require a robust system to manage their dependencies. While module loaders excel at interoperating with external libraries, they can become difficult to work with when used as dependency systems. A new system should allow the code to be easily tested, debuged and get out of the way after the build process. Meet Mantri!

A few quick points:

  • It leverages Namespaces
  • It's written in Node and is available in the npm registry
  • There is a grunt plugin (although it's recommended to install the CLI)
  • Mantri leaves no footprint in production
  • ... And more!

Instead of writing up another Getting Started, I would rather point you to the website for Mantri! He did a great job writing a getting started article, as well as documenting the API.

As usual, you can view the homepage or view the source on GitHub.


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