Must Watch Videos on Service Workers

Adam Stacoviak Adam Stacoviak

As a follow up to our popular post Essential Reading List for Getting Started With Service Workers, here's a list of must-watch videos we've gathered for those of you looking to learn more about the ever popular ServiceWorker feature coming to a browser near you.

The following videos are in no particular order, but I've listed the year with each video so you can take the journey with at least a year stamp to set some expectations.

Using Service Workers

From Jake Archibald at Generate London 2014

Instant Loading with Service Workers

From Jeff Posnick at Chrome Dev Summit 2015.

Progressive Web Apps

From Alex Russell and Andreas Bovens at Chrome Dev Summit 2015.

Building Progressive Web Apps with Polymer

From Rob Dodson, a developer advocate at Google focused on Polymer and Web Components, at Chrome Dev Summit 2015.

From Jurassic Web to offline-first and more with Service Workers

From Hubert Sablonnière at Devoxx 2015.

The ServiceWorker Is Coming, Look Busy

From Jake Archibald at JSConf EU 2014.

Service Workers: Offline Now(ish)!

From Alex Russell at HTML5DevConf 2014.

Your Browser Is Talking Behind Your Back

From Jake Archibald at the San Francisco HTML5 User Group in 2013.

Bridging the Gap Between the Web and Apps

From Alex Russell and Jake Archibald at Google I/O 2014.

Making Offline Suck Less with Service Workers

From Bret Little at MountainWest JavaScript 2015.

Service Workers - Practical Application for Performance and Availability

From Patrick Meenan at Velocity 2015.

Breaking The Web (with Service Workers) Because It Would Be A Shame To See Such A Cool Feature Go Unused

From Eduardo Vela Nava at AppSec EU15.

If you know of video that needs to be listed here, let us know by opening an issue on GitHub.

Also, make sure you checkout our Essential Reading List for Getting Started With Service Workers.

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