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PayPal JavaScript Buttons lets you easily include dynamic PayPal buttons by including a small snippet of JavaScript code

If you’re using PayPal, their JavaScript Buttons project just made it easier to add Buy Now, Add to Cart and QR Code buttons to your webpages.

This is how simple it gets to include a “Buy Now” button:

<script src=""
    data-name="Donate to The Changelog"

Here’s a real live example using the code sample above you can really use.

Go ahead and donate a few bucks if you’d like to support us.

Don’t mind the fact that the button says “Buy Now” – I’ve already submitted an issue to add “Donate” button option.

Obviously the PayPal JavaScript Buttons project is a lot easier than digging through your PayPal account and using their clunky tools to include their various buttons. I guess this is a first step of many first steps to get back in the good graces of the developer community – not to mention and their many efforts to make PayPal more developer friendly with REST APIs and native SDKs.

Like many of you, we use Stripe as our primary go to for our payment processing to power our membership, but we still have our PayPal account. It’s just there by default, and mainly collecting digital dust unless you’ve decided to use the real live “Buy Now” button above to send us a donation.

If you’re still a fan of PayPal, this project is super easy to use – plus it works with Jeff Harrell’s PayPal MiniCart project

For more details checkout the readme and example page or the source and issues to file a bug or feature request.


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