Adam Stacoviak

TimeJump brings deep linking to HTML5 audio and video podcasts

So neat! Thanks to Dave Rupert of Paravel, ShopTalk Show and ATX Web Show fame, you can now time jump, or deep link, to a particular time in HTML5 audio and video podcasts!

For example, checkout 0.6.1 at 0h12m58s where Robby Russell talks about how he got started with zsh and weighs in on the bash vs. zsh debate.

How it works

Include the script at the bottom on your episode pages. It will auto-detect the t (time) parameter in your URL and attempt to fast-forward listeners to that timestamp. Dave notes that it “usually works.”

Supported URL formats include: <- preferred format

Check out TimeJump’s homepage, and the source on GitHub to add it to your podcast! Dave, add us to the list my friend!!


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