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WatchWednesday for 20100922

We’re bringing back #FollowFriday, but for GitHub. On Friday, we’ll kick off our #FollowFriday series and showcase GitHub users you should follow.

But it’s Wednesday, you say. That’s right, we’re riffing on #FollowFriday and introducing #WatchWednesday - a quick list of projects you may have overlooked, aren’t ready for primetime, or otherwise noteworthy.

Got suggestions for projects or people to watch and follow on GitHub? Tweet us and let us know.

Close Pixelate

Inspired by American portrait painter Chuck Close, this script converts an image into a pixelated version using an HTML5 canvas element.


CSS3 Buttons

collection of buttons that show what is possible using CSS3.

buttons screen shot


A simple chef cookbook repository that can get you cooking locally with chef from opscode.


A key/value store based on sqlite for node.js that actually works.

Store('users.db', function (err, db) {
    db.set('pkrumins', 'cool dude', function (error) {
        // value 'pkrumins' is now set to 'cool dude'
        db.get('pkrumins', function (error, value, key) {
            console.log(value); // cool dude


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