Adam Stacoviak

WatchWednesday for 20100929

It’s Wednesday again, time for us to serve up another quick list of projects to watch on GitHub. These are projects you might have missed or should could keep an eye on.


David Dollar makes automatically scaling your Heroku dynos a snap with this gem. Simply add the gem to your Gemfile

gem 'heroku-autoscale'

and configure your Heroku credentials and the minimum and maximum numbers of dynos for your app in your rackup file

use Heroku::Autoscale,
  :username  => ENV["HEROKU_USERNAME"],
  :password  => ENV["HEROKU_PASSWORD"],
  :app_name  => ENV["HEROKU_APP_NAME"],
  :min_dynos => 2,
  :max_dynos => 5,
  :queue_wait_low  => 100,  # milliseconds
  :queue_wait_high => 5000, # milliseconds
  :min_frequency   => 10    # seconds

Now your app will scale up with traffic and down as traffic wanes.


Warning! This email address will self destruct. Perfect for media site content walls, contests, or auction transactions, Tempalias is powered by Node.js and lets you create email addresses with a built-in expiration using or hosted on own your own site.’s Apple Push Notification Service gem

Send and read Apple Push Notifications from Ruby:

Jtv-apns is a gem for accessing the Apple Push Notification Service that allows both sending notifications and reading from appleā€™s feedback service. This gem is based heavily on the work of James Pozdena.


Tweetnest is a PHP app to archive, browse, and search your tweets.



A nice Git wrapper for Vim:

View any blob, tree, commit, or tag in the repository with :Gedit (and :Gsplit, :Gvsplit, :Gtabedit, …). Edit a file in the index and write to it to stage the changes. Use :Gdiff to bring up the staged version of the file side by side with the working tree version and use Vim’s diff handling capabilities to stage a subset of the file’s changes.


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