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We're giving away Mark Bates' Raspberry Pi 400

Mark declined the prize while pumping his fist at the sky and exclaiming, "no one gives me the raspberry!"

Did you hear that Go Time panelist Mark Bates won a FREE Raspberry Pi 400 by besting his fellow gophers in our Go Panic game show at GopherCon? Have a watch if you like 👇

Well, it turns out Mark will not be accepting the prize. 😢 Wondering why? So we were, so we asked him. He replied:

“I’m allergic to raspberries”

Instead of explaining this tremendous misunderstanding to him, we’ve decided to give the Pi 400 to a member of our lovely Go Time audience!!

Raspberry Pi 400
This could be yours. Nail polish not included.

There are 3 ways to enter

You can enter up to 3 times, once using each method.

Method #1: The Reviewer ✓

Write a raving review on Apple Podcasts (5-stars of course). Tell folks why you listen to Go Time and why they should too! Post or link to a screenshot of your review in the comments as proof of entry.

Method #2: The Socializer ✓

Share your favorite episode on social media. Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, whatever you’d prefer. Post a link to your tweet/post in the comments as proof of entry.

Method #3: The Recommender ✓

Personally recommend the show to a friend via email. Post or link to a screenshot of your email in the comments as proof of entry.

(If you’d rather keep that private, BCC us instead.)

Winner, winner, raspberry dinner 🎁

All entries must be made during the month of February. We will begin tallying up all entries and pick a Math.random(entryCount) + 1 on March 1st, 2021.

We will contact the winner using their Changelog account email, so make sure yours is correct and active.

Don’t panic 😱

Not everyone can win the prize, but everyone can listen to Go Time! Maybe give our Go Panic episode a listen?


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