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Wijmo Open - Open Source jQuery UI Widgets

Thanks to Chris Bannon for letting us know about Wijmo.

Wijmo Open is a complete kit of jQuery UI widgets. Wijmo is an extension to jQuery UI and adds new widgets and features to your arsenal. Every widget was built to jQuery UI’s standards and framework. Some widgets like slider and dialog literally extend their counterpart from jQuery UI. Each widget is ThemeRoller-ready and comes styled with our own theme called Aristo.

By the looks of things, this project was just Open Sourced this past week (October 20th, 2010). Documentation is still pending (maybe this Friday), but they have a nice little demo for you to check out. Also be sure to check out the samples directory of the project for usage details.

Visit the Wijmo Forum for discussions and questions, but you’ll need to register for an account. Wijmo Open can be licensed under the MIT or GPL licenses.

Wijmo Open also has a commercial counterpart. If you’ve used Wijmo, be sure to tweet or email us at

Check out the codes

[Source on GitHub]. Documentation? [Read their blog] for now.


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