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Open sourcing the Kubernetes security audit

The CNFC has been funding security audits of projects since last year. With CoreDNS, Envoy, and Prometheus taken care of, Kubernetes itself recently received the treatment.

The assessment yielded a significant amount of knowledge pertaining to the operation and internals of a Kubernetes cluster. Findings and supporting documentation from the assessment has been made available today, and can be found here.

If you don’t want the full report, the linked announcement lists some of the major takeaways.


The current landscape of Cloud Native technologies

Just before the recent KubeCon, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation conducted a survey to learn more about the current landscape of cloud native technologies.

Kubernetes continues to lead as the container orchestration tool of choice. However, we’re beginning to see more respondents choosing managed container orchestrators such as: Google Container Engine (now Google Kubernetes Engine) (20%), Amazon ECS (18%), and Rancher (9%).

More than 550 community members responded; here are a few responded highlights:

The current landscape of Cloud Native technologies
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