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Liran Tal Snyk

Staying ahead of security vulnerabilities with security patches

Liran Tal: How do you cope with the issues of libraries having security vulnerabilities but there’s no fix yet? With open source packages this might even be more apparent than ever. Maintainers are rightfully not in any contract to provide you support, yet you rely on third-party software by volunteers. In this piece I want to show you how we’ve adopted surgical patches to help remove this burden and risk from users.

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Top ten most popular docker images each contain at least 30 vulnerabilities

The adoption of application container technology is increasing at a remarkable rate and is expected to grow by a further 40% in 2020, according to 451 Research. It is common for system libraries to be available in many docker images, as these rely on a parent image that is commonly using a Linux distribution as a base. In many cases, remediation is as simple as rebuilding the image or swapping out the base image, but it’s not always that easy. Click through for more analysis and advice.

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