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Jon Rohan The GitHub Blog

Using Figma to build Octicons

Jon Rohan writes on the GitHub Blog:

To support your project’s contributors it’s important to make the contributing experience as frictionless as possible. Migrating our Octicons to Figma let us cut out painful steps in our previous workflow. Having their API available for automating the work has allowed contributors to contribute using powerful platform-agnostic design tools without any overly complex setup.

This seems to be one of the first major steps I’ve seen to use a platform-agnostic design tool like Figma, which lets you design, prototype, and gather feedback all in a browser based design tool. Couple that with a robust API and some robots to automate things as well as open up your design flow to contributors.

Using Figma to build Octicons


Automating new contributor issues with First Timers Bot

GitHub also has something like this as a standard in their docs.

Hoodie has these super awesome first-timers-only issues that guide new contributors through the contribution process. The problem was that creating these step-by-step issues would usually take the maintainer longer than to do the fix themselves. So Gregor asked us to build a bot that would automate this process. And so First Timers was born!

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