Building a personal site with Gatsby (part 1)  ↦

The goal of this series of blog posts is to create a personal website using Gatsby V2 from the default starter. The final website will have an index page where you can introduce yourself, a list of all blog posts, individual blog pages, tag pages listing blog posts in specific categories, and a projects portfolio page.

Here’s all the parts to this deep dive.

Part 1: Introduction and Setup
Part 2: Styling with Sass/SCSS
Part 3: Generating Blog Posts with Markdown Files
Part 4: Creating a List of Blog Posts
Part 5: Adding Thumbnail Images to a Blog List
Part 6: Adding Multiple Responsive Images to a Markdown Blog Post
Part 7: Adding Tags to Blog Posts
Part 8: Creating a Project Page from JSON data
Part 9: Pagination, Deploying to Netlify, and SEO

Check out the example repo on GitHub and preview the final website.


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