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Free Wolfram Engine for developers  ↦

From Stephen Wolfram himself on his personal blog:

Why aren’t you using our technology? It happens far too often. … Sometimes the answer is yes. But too often, there’s an awkward silence, and then they’ll say, “Well, no. Could I?”

Here’s the kicker for open source developers…

If you’re making a free, open-source system, you can apply for a Free Production License.

In the license it says “Open-source projects approved by Wolfram,” which seems like they’re going to maintain a list of approved projects, but Stephan mentioned that they’re still working out the kinks in usage and licensing and they “are committed to providing predictable and straightforward licensing for the long term.”


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Adam Stacoviak

Adam Stacoviak

Austin, TX

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Changelog

2019-05-21T20:23:46Z ago

For the uninitiated, I wanted to also mention these pull-quotes from Stephen’s post.

…we’re releasing today the Free Wolfram Engine for Developers. It’s a full engine for the Wolfram Language, that can be deployed on any system—and called from programs, languages, web servers, or anything.

The Wolfram Engine is the heart of all our products. It’s what implements the Wolfram Language, with all its computational intelligence, algorithms, knowledge-base, and so on.

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