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GitHub has a new CEO  ↦

Thomas Dohmke will be CEO of GitHub. He served as GitHub’s Chief Product Officer, and according to his LinkedIn bio — Thomas led the acquisition of GitHub at Microsoft and the acquisitions of Dependabot, Semmle, and npm.

This morning, I shared the following post with Hubbers in response to Nat’s announcement about his next adventure. I am thrilled to take on the role of CEO to build the next phase of GitHub for our global community of software developers.

Exiting as CEO, Nat Friedman shared his thanks in a post titled “Thank you, GitHub”.

This morning, I sent the following post to the GitHub team. TL;DR: I’m moving on to my next adventure, and Thomas Dohmke (currently Chief Product Officer) will be GitHub’s next CEO. I will become Chairman Emeritus, which fulfills my lifelong ambition of having a title in Latin. My heartfelt thanks to every Hubber and every developer who makes GitHub what it is, every day.


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