Go Time Go Time #85

Go for beginners

How do beginners learn Go? This episode is meant to engage both non-Go users that listen to sister podcasts here on Changelog, or any Go-curious programmers out there, as well as encourage those that have started to learn Go and want to level up beyond the basics. On this episode we’re aiming to answer questions about how to learn Go, identify resources that are available, and where you can go to continue your learning journey.


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2020-03-03T14:05:44Z ago

I love you guys, but what the heck is a TSR 80?

Jon Calhoun

Jon Calhoun


Jon started programming at an early age (around 8-9) when introduced to Apple Basic. Since then he has been hooked, learning about web development, scripting levels in videos games, algorithm competitions, and more. He eventually discovered Go and loved the language, but felt the resources for newcomers was lacking which lead to him starting to create videos, tutorials, and other educational resources. Some of his more popular courses include Gophercises, a course composed of mini coding exercises each designed to teach something unique aspects of Go, and Web Development with Go, an in depth course that teaches how to build production grade web applications from the ground up in Go.

2020-03-03T19:08:17Z ago

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRS-80 - it is an old computer basically.

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