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Copenhagen, Denmark

Computer programmer, runner, LEGO builder, powernapper and father of 2 boys all squeezed in the few hours available.

2020-12-08T09:07:36Z ago

The unpopular opinion of Johnny Boursiquot on SLAs and developers, triggered something with me. As a product manager I find it important that SLAs are reflected in requirements and user stories if these are important to the product. I know this is a strong generalization over SLAs, but if SLAs are important for your product, they should be reflected in the product development and be communicated to the developers. Not doing this will make yours SLAs in a category where is only interesting to the legal department, I think this is very much in line with the comment by Stevenson Jean-Pierre following up on the comment on by Johnny Boursiquot.

Bottom line, make SLAs an integral part of your product and design, develop and test SLAs as a part of product development - this might be my unpopular opinion

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