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Go Time Go Time #99

Hiring and nurturing junior developers

2019-09-20T19:00:00Z #go +2 🎧 13,749

Johnny, Carmen, Jon, and returning guest Stevenson Jean-Pierre talk about hiring engineers with a focus on junior roles. Why do we keep running into these ridiculous job listings that nobody could ever live up to? What benefits do junior developers bring to the team? Why don’t teams put more focus on developing junior engineers? What can we do better?

Go Time Go Time #96

Serverless and Go

2019-09-03T20:00:00Z #go +1 🎧 13,421

Johnny, Mat, Jaana, and special guest Stevenson Jean-Pierre discuss serverless in a Go world. What is serverless, what use cases is serverless good for, what are the trade offs, and how do you program with Go differently in the context of serverless?

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