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Lessons learned since posting my salary history publicly

Just over a year ago, I did something quite “out there”, even for me, and I posted my salary history publicly. This was accompanied by a blog post to explain why I was doing it, and it’s certainly been popular.

When I first posted it, I made a note to myself to come back in a year, and see whether anything had changed, as well as to look back on some of the events that happened immediately after my posting, as it certainly made life interesting in the month or so following the post.

Jamie Tanna jvt.me

Learning a new language, or how I gained familiarity with Go

Every so often, engineers need to pick up a new language. After ~6 years of professional development using Java, with a bit of Ruby sprinkled in, coming to Deliveroo meant that I’d be starting to work on some Go codebases.

So when it came to accepting the offer, I ended up thinking about getting started with learning Go, so I could hit the ground running. In this post I share different ways to get practical experience of the language, as well as thoughts on what Go is like to a newbie

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