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Introducing Brain Science (our newest podcast)

I’m excited to announce our newest podcast — Brain Science!

Brain Science is a podcast for the curious. Are you curious?! We’re exploring the inner-workings of the human brain to understand behavior change, habit formation, mental health, and being human. It’s Brain Science applied — not just how does the brain work, but how do we apply what we know about the brain to transform our lives.

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Welcome to Mireille Reece 👋

I might be slightly biased, but one of the most exciting this about this new podcast is who I get to co-host with — Mireille Reece. She’s an actual doctor!

Mireille is a practicing Psychologist with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology (abbreviated to Psy.D.). She’s a working mom, reads tons of books, and she’s super passionate about helping people live life as their best selves.

A big part of living as our best selves is understanding the choices we make, why we make them, and healthy ways to change. We created this podcast because we want to empower people with an applied understanding of the human brain (our humanity) and the ways in which we’re all the same, despite our seemingly significant differences.

Frequency and expectations 🚦

We launched with four episodes in the feed and plan to ship a new episode every two weeks or so (a schedule we’re calling bi-weekly-ish).

Here’s a peek at topics we’re highly interested in and plan to explore.

  • Learning to hack your brain
  • Respect, empathy, compassion
  • Habit formation and behavior change
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mental health and depression
  • Books, research, and resources

If you have topics or suggestions, please get in touch.

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How can you help? 🎱

We get emails all the time (which we love) asking how the community can play a role in helping with our podcasts. The best way you can help us is to share your favorite shows and episodes with your friends, family, or co-workers. Word of mouth remains the best way for us to grow our listenership and community.

Here are a few specific ideas for sharing your favorite shows and episodes.

  1. Listen to a few episodes (take notes if possible)
  2. Post a comment with your thoughts in the discussion section for the episode
  3. Share the episode, your thoughts, or take aways on Twitter or in the Slack communities you’re a part of
  4. Share your favorite clip on Twitter, et al (if you use Overcast they make it super easy)
  5. If you make lists of your favorite podcasts include us in it
  6. Invite someone to the community where we gather in the #BrainScience channel.

Listen to this playlist 🎧

Catch up with this playlist of our first four episodes.


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