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Git aliases for lazy developers

Ire Aderinokun on her blog bitsofcode:

I prefer to interface with git via the command line, at least for the simple commands. However, I’m a bit lazy, and don’t like having to repeatedly type out the same long commands multiple times a day. Over the years, I have created some short aliases that allow me to more quickly use git via the command line.

Creating aliases for common commands is definitely the way to go. I do something similar in my dotfiles, except I categorize aliases by the language or technology.

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Recreating the GitGub contribution graph with CSS Grid

The best way to learn, is to learn by doing!

Ire Aderinokun:

While learning CSS Grid Layout, I’ve found that the best way to internalize all the new concepts and terminology is by working on various layouts using them. Recently, I decided to try to recreate the GitHub Contribution graph using CSS Grid Layout, and found it was an interesting challenge.

View the working code on CodePen.

Recreating the GitGub contribution graph with CSS Grid
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