NVIDIA is known as a market leader in the design of GPUs for the gaming market, as well as system on chips, or SOCs, for the mobile computing and automotive markets.
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Practical AI Practical AI #209

3D assets & simulation at NVIDIA

2023-01-31T20:00:00Z #nvidia +1
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What’s the current reality and practical implications of using 3D environments for simulation and synthetic data creation? In this episode, we cut right through the hype of the Metaverse, Multiverse, Omniverse, and all the “verses” to understand how 3D assets and tooling are actually helping AI developers develop industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, and more. Beau Perschall is at the center of these innovations in his work with NVIDIA, and there is no one better to help us explore the topic!

Practical AI Practical AI #208

GPU dev environments that just work

2023-01-24T21:30:00Z #ai +1 🎧 21,293

Creating and sharing reproducible development environments for AI experiments and production systems is a huge pain. You have all sorts of weird dependencies, and then you have to deal with GPUs and NVIDIA drivers on top of all that! brev.dev is attempting to mitigate this pain and create delightful GPU dev environments. Now that sounds practical!

Practical AI Practical AI #15

Artificial intelligence at NVIDIA

NVIDIA Chief Scientist Bill Dally joins Daniel Whitenack and Chris Benson for an in-depth conversation about ‘everything AI’ at NVIDIA. As the leader of NVIDIA Research, Bill schools us on GPUs, and then goes on to address everything from AI-enabled robots and self-driving vehicles, to new AI research innovations in algorithm development and model architectures. This episode is so packed with information, you may want to listen to it multiple times.

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