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Swift is a modern programming language focused on safety, performance, and expressivity.
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Swift Playgrounds 2.0

Now you can subscribe to playgrounds from your favorite third-party creators, then browse and download their content directly within Swift Playgrounds. This is quickly becoming one of the most compelling ways to learn how to code. It’ll be quite the master stroke if Apple can get the next generation learning Swift as their first programming language.

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Max Howell Avatar The Changelog #232

Homebrew and Swift with Max Howell

Max Howell, famous for creating Homebrew, joined the show to talk about his start in software and open source, the tweet that was heard around the world when he interviewed with Google and didn't get accepted, the creation of Homebrew, the naming process, as well as the difficulty letting go. We also talked about his passion for the Swift programming language, and his work on Swift Package Manager while at Apple.

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