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2023-01-23T02:02:25Z ago

On the topic of Fusion feasibility… Anytime someone says “we got more energy out than we put in!” and it’s 50% more energy (or 1.5x gain), know that we need a 20x gain before you can even talk about power plant, that’s around 1900% more power. Source: https://youtu.be/JurplDfPi3U

I get a little excited about generation methods that skip the thermal stage. Usually most power generation is about making heat, which then gets turned into steam, and then drives something mechanical. Stuff like Helion’s work is exciting because it goes straight to capturing electrons and skips the heat generation phase. Source: https://youtu.be/_bDXXWQxK38

I think those methods are more risky in terms of the investment planning out, but if it works, it could be a huge since more of the energy is captured.

At any rate, nuclear power in any form is an exciting thing to me and I hope the US and other countries keep investing in it. Anything that can ween us off of fossil fuels

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