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2019-04-25T04:12:15Z ago

This is one awesome episode that touches a very important process in career development. Modern day interviewing has become more an assembly line weeding out the chaff instead of selecting the right candidates. Thank you for covering this topic, I have sent the link to this episode across to our team and see if we can revamp our interviewing.

It helped me realize that I am not alone. Having 20+ years of programming, I spend most of my time solving problems at a much higher level than pure data structures. It is more about identifying the right building blocks, understanding the tradeoffs, setting expectations and delivering.

A take away for me as an interviewer, I will see if I can have a short meeting/call with the candidate which will not be evaluated just to understand them better and craft a more customized interview. I would like the candidate to feel they got a fair chance to showcase their best.

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