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Gregory M. Kurtzer is the CEO and founder of Sylabs Inc., the company behind the open source container project Singularity. Sylabs caters to the needs of various compute based workflows like traditional simulation, data science, real time analytics, and AI use-cases. Previously, Greg has spent most of his career enabling massive scale compute focused use cases where he created and led various open source projects along that mission, including the Warewulf cluster management toolkit, CentOS Linux, and most recently, the container system Singularity.

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The Changelog The Changelog #427

The rise of Rocky Linux

This week we’re talking with Gregory Kurtzer about Rocky Linux. Greg is the founder of the CentOS project, which recently shifted its strategy and has the Linux community scrambling. Rocky Linux aims to continue where the CentOS project left off — to provide a free and open source community-driven enterprise grade Linux operating system. We discuss the history of the CentOS project, how it fell under Red Hat’s control, the recent shift in Red Hat’s strategy with CentOS, and how Rocky Linux is designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The Changelog The Changelog #336

Containerizing compute driven workloads with Singularity

We’re talking with Greg Kurtzer, the founder of CentOS, Warewulf, and most recently Singularity — an open source container platform designed to be simple, fast, and secure. Singularity is optimized for enterprise and high-performance computing workloads. What’s interesting is how Singularity allows untrusted users to run untrusted containers in a trusted way. We cover the backstory, Singularity Pro and how they’re not holding the open source community version hostage, as well as how Singularity is being used to containerize and support workflows in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and more.

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