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Practical AI Practical AI #149

Trends in data labeling

2021-09-14T20:30:00Z #ai +2 🎧 19,624

Any AI play that lacks an underlying data strategy is doomed to fail, and a big part of any data strategy is labeling. Michael, from Label Studio, joins us in this episode to discuss how the industry’s perception of data labeling is shifting. We cover open source tooling, validating labels, and integrating ML/AI models in the labeling loop.

Practical AI Practical AI #63

Open source data labeling tools

2019-11-05T12:00:00Z #ai +1 🎧 8,461

What’s the most practical of practical AI things? Data labeling of course! It’s also one of the most time consuming and error prone processes that we deal with in AI development. Michael Malyuk of Heartex and Label Studio joins us to discuss various data labeling challenges and open source tooling to help us overcome those challenges.

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