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Paul Orlando has built and operated four startup accelerators around the world, with multiple exits. He is a professor of entrepreneurship at USC and directs the on-campus startup incubator. Paul is also a former startup co-founder and TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon winner. He’s interested in market entrance timing (the “why now” question). Related to that, he wrote a book called Why Now: How Good Timing Makes Great Products.

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Good timing makes great products

2024-05-08T12:30:00Z #culture +1 🎧 14,390

Paul Orlando is back to talk about his book titled “Why Now?” You may remember Paul from his last appearance (a fan favorite) talking with Jerod about complex systems & second-order effects. Paul’s book, “Why Now?” explores the concept of timing and the importance of understanding the ‘why now’ in business and product development. We discuss timing examples from the book that were either too early or too late (such as the first video phone and car phones), the need to consider both technological advancements and user demand when assessing timing, the significance of timing in the success of companies like Apple and the launch of the iPhone, Uber and Heroku, and more. Also, join our Slack community for a chance to get a signed copy of Paul’s book.

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