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What I wish I knew when I became CTO

From David Mack, CTO and co-founder of SketchDeck: You can accumulate responsibility faster than you can learn how to harness it. I now appreciate that the infrastructure, frameworks, and languages you choose will stick with you for a really long time. Only hire when you feel you’re completely desperate for the role. Hire to keep up with growth, not to generate it. I really appreciated David's thoughts on hiring.

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The two faces of AMP

Tim Kadlec shares concerns about Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages: It wouldn’t bother me if AMP was open about what it is: a tool for folks to optimize search engine placement. But of course, that’s not the claim. The claim is that AMP is "for the open web." If AMP is truly for the open web, de-couple it from Google search entirely. It has no business there. If AMP makes performance better, that’s fantastic! Let’s incentivize good performance in the rankings. Let’s incentivize the goal, not the tool. There's a lot of speculation on what AMP is and isn't. Tim does a great job of breaking this down.

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The complete guide to low-risk Continuous Delivery

Adopting Continuous Delivery can bring a lot of benefits, but deploying to production can be filled with uncertainty. Learn how to reduce the risks with the right culture, architecture, and tooling to deploy early and often. Check out this free guide as we explore a better way to do CI/CD. In this guide, we’ll explore: How to lower risk through culture, architecture, and tooling. Characteristics of post deploy tools for Continuous Delivery. Importance of automation in enabling fast resolution times.

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Microsoft adopts Blazor, adds another piece to the WebAssembly/.NET puzzle

.NET is getting ever-closer to running in the browser thanks to Blazor, an experimental web UI framework where you write C#/Razor and HTML and it compiles to WebAssembly. Blazor started out as a personal project by Microsoft engineer, Steve Sanderson. But now it's getting the "official" designation and has been moved to the aspnet org on GitHub.

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50 shades of Go

The gotchas of Go that will get you if you don't get them first — traps, gotchas, and common mistakes... Kyle Quest: A lot of these gotchas may seem obvious if you took the time to learn the language reading the official spec, wiki, mailing list discussions, many great posts and presentations by Rob Pike, and the source code. Not everybody starts the same way though and that's OK. If you are new to Go the information here will save you hours debugging your code. This post covers Go 1.5 and below.

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Learnings on designing your first microservice

If you're in the beginning of your journey to build and deploy your first microservice, read this post from our friends at HelloFresh. Don’t reinvent the wheel, unless it’s extremely necessary or you have all of the time and resources in the world. This is one of the easiest mistakes to make. We did it with the conviction that this would benefit us enormously down the road, and, 6 months later, we realized how wrong we were. Here's what we learned... HelloFresh is hiring ~> Senior Backend Engineer in Berlin

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Matt Steele

The neverending side project

Matt Steele, ruminating on the side project that he's been hacking on since 2011: A long-lived side project gives you the chance to confront your old habits and see how far you've progressed. Over the years, he's rewritten the Super Bowl Squares app 5 different times. One of his findings: A long-lived side project also gives you breathing room to ask how much stock to put into trends. My original jQuery app still loads faster, has 60% less code, and (to my mind) is more understandable than my latest version built atop Angular 5. Have I actually made things better? Have we as an industry? Good question!

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Am I too old to do a coding bootcamp?

Imposter syndrome is alive and well. It's up to us, the community, to fight back against the voice inside our heads telling us we don't belong, or we can't do it. Here are some of my favorite responses... Never too old. Do it! I'm 60 years old and just launched my own venture... You don't have to "fit into the tech scene" to be a developer. I was 33 when I went through a coding boot camp after almost 16 years of being a fire fighter...that was 4 years ago. I'm currently in a coding bootcamp and I'm 36 years old. I'm 71 and I program every day. You are !imposter

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Your database should work like a CDN

What do you use when your app needs to provide speed and availability to a global audience? You need a distributed database that... Deploys anywhere Reduces latency by performing reads and writes close to users (while still enforcing consistency, even across a distributed deployment) Maintains uptime by tolerating faults Offers granular control over geographical placement of your data for GDPR compliance Sounds like a CDN.

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Netflix 1080p

Turns out Netflix enforces its video stream to only be played in 1080p on ChromeOS devices. And it does it by... client-side JavaScript detecting the user-agent! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️ This Chrome extension undoes that for you.

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Front End Interview Handbook

Remember the Front-end Job Interview Questions project that we talked to Darcy Clark about way back in the day? Well, this is the answer to that project. Literally. It's answers to the questions. It dubs itself as: almost complete answers to "Front-end Job Interview Questions" which you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself, or completely ignore They forgot to mention the other use case: memorizing the answers just in case your interviewer pulls questions directly from this list 😉

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The mechanics of Maybe

Joël Quenneville: Our world is full of uncertainty. This uncertainty bleeds into our programs. A common way of dealing with this is null/nil. Unfortunately, this leads to even more uncertainty because this design means any value in our system could be null unless we’ve explicitly checked it’s presence. Imagine how many developer-hours are wasted globally each year dealing with null/nil. The number would probably astound us. The major advantage of guard clauses is to suss out invalid inputs (often nils) at the perimeter of your program/module/function, so the rest of your code doesn't have to concern itself with these uncertainties. But Maybe there's another way... In Elm, all values are guaranteed to be present except for those wrapped in a Maybe. This is a critical distinction. You can now be confident in most of your code and the compiler will force you to make presence-checks in places where values are optional. Click through to learn the mechanics of it all.

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Everything easy is hard again

This is a long, nuanced piece about progress in web-building technologies and practices. It's written from a designer's perspective, but many of the themes ring true to my developer's brain. I wonder if I have twenty years of experience making websites, or if it is really five years of experience, repeated four times. If you’ve been working in the technology industry a while, please tell me this sounds familiar to you. The primary example cited is how we answer the simple question, "How do I put two things next to each other?" The status quo has changed (tables -> floats -> Flexbox -> CSS grids), but to what advantage? A few of his points feel a bit like looking back at the "good 'ole days" through rose colored glasses, but his case is mostly well-reasoned and powerful. the foundations are now sufficiently complicated enough on their own that it seems foolish to go add more optional complexity on top of it. I’ve kept my examples to the most basic of web implementations, and I haven’t touched on Javascript, animation, libraries, frameworks, pre-processors, package managers, automation, testing, or deployment. Whew. Whew, indeed! The breadth and depth of knowledge required to feel competent in today's web ecosystem is probably why we spend so much time dealing with imposter syndrome in this industry.

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