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A designer, coder, and entrepreneur living in Osaka.

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Is there too much CSS now?

Now that we’re out of the ‘dark times’ where CSS was so limited that we spent countless hours developing hacks, tricks, and workarounds… Sacha Greif wonders if the pendulum has swung the other way:

we are now faced with an embarrassment of CSS riches, and it can be hard to catch up. CSS Grid started being supported in major browsers almost five years ago, yet I still check a reference every time I use it. And as cool as subgrid seems, I’ve yet to even try it out.

Perhaps CSS is even starting to reach over into areas best handled by HTML or JavaScript?

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #349

The state of CSS in 2019

We’re talking with Sacha Greif to discuss the State of CSS survey and results. CSS is evolving faster than ever. And, coming off the heels of their annual State of JavaScript survey, they’ve decided to take on the world of styles and selectors to help identify the latests patterns and trends in CSS.

We talk through the history and motivations of this survey, the methodology of their data collection, the tooling involved to build and run the survey, and of course we dig deep into the survey results and talk through the insights we found most interesting.

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