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Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #436

Curl is a full-time job (and turns 23)

2021-04-12T21:45:00Z #oss 🎧 29,121

This week we’re talking with Daniel Stenberg about 23 years of curl. Daniel shares how curl came to be, what drives and motivates him, maintaining a good cadence of an open source product, what to expect from http3, how many billions of users curl has, and Daniel also shares some funny stories like the “Spotify and Instagram hacking ring.”

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #153

17 Years of curl

2015-05-01T07:00:00Z 🎧 36,087

Daniel Stenberg joined the show to talk about curl and libcurl and how he has spent at least 2 hours every day for the past 17 years working on and maintaining curl. That’s over 13k hours! We covered the origins of curl, how he chooses projects to work on, why he has remained so dedicated to curl all these years, the various version control systems curl has used, licensing, and more.

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