HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the standard for communication across the web.
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Go Time Go Time #230

Revisiting Caddy

2022-05-19T21:00:00Z #go +1 🎧 18,689

Matt Holt & Mohammed S. Al Sahaf sit down with Natalie & Jon to discuss every gopher’s favorite open source web server with automatic HTTPS!

In addition to laying out what Caddy is and why it’s interesting, we dive deep into how you can (and why you might want to) extend Caddy as a result of its modular architecture.

Go Time Go Time #193

Caddy V2

2021-08-19T15:30:00Z #go +1 🎧 20,632

Matt Holt joins Jon Calhoun to discuss Caddy, its history, and the process of creating a v2 of the popular web server. In the episode they discuss some of the challenges encountered while building the v2, reasons for doing a major rewrite, and more.

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