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Every new web app at PayPal begins with TypeScript (here's why)

Kent C. Dodds shares the backstory of paypal-scripts, a tool that encapsulates all the tools common to PayPal applications and published modules and why TypeScript was a fit. Kent took a poll in their #paypal-scripts Slack channel and 100% of respondents said they wanted the change. Here’s what happened next…

About a week later, I had totally migrated paypal-scripts from supporting Flow to supporting TypeScript (most of that time was making all the tools recognize .ts and .tsx files 🙄 and allowing paypal-scripts to dogfood itself which is kinda tricky 🐶).

Then we had Christmas break 🎄 and the week we got back after the new year 🎆, it was merged and now every new project starts off with modern tools that will stay updated by default and will be statically typed with TypeScript.


Building production apps 100% in the browser

Kent built two small apps (one for his wife and one for his kids) and didn’t even need to download any source code. His conclusion:

What I love about this is how our tools have leveled the playing field. All of these tools are 100% free so long as you have access to a computer with internet access.

This is a clear example of the web getting better.

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