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Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #327

Untangle your GitHub notifications with Octobox

2018-12-13T18:41:10Z #github +1 🎧 23,396

Jerod is joined by Andrew Nesbitt and Ben Nickolls to talk Octobox, their open source web app that helps you manage your GitHub notifications. They discuss how Octobox came to be, why open source maintainers love it, the experiments they’re doing with pricing and business models, and how Octobox can continue to thrive despite GitHub’s renewed interest in improving notifications.

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #216

GitHub's Electron

2016-08-19T20:00:00Z #electron +1 🎧 46,404

Zeke Sikelianos joined the show to talk about GitHub’s Electron project and the future of web folks making cross platform desktop apps. We talked about the web revolution around native vs web app, where Electron is heading, who’s using it, and how cool it is to enable folks like Guillermo Rauch to build HyperTerm.

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