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Demystifying JAMstack: an interview with Phil Hawskworth

JAMStack is all that, whole grain low fat, I know you want a piece of that… No but seriously now, I love what’s going on with the JAMstack and the implications for performance, security, and maintainability. Not sure what this stack even is? Why should you care? In this interview, Vitaly Friedman of Smashing Magazine talks with Phil Hawksworth from Netlify about what it is all about: JAMstack is all about a way of deploying and serving websites that don’t rely on an origin server, they don’t rely on requests hitting an active server all the time.

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Chris Coyier CSS-Tricks

Using Netlify functions to send emails with a JAMstack-style site

How do you send email from a JAMstack-style site? Chris Coyer writes on CSS-Tricks: Let’s say you’re rocking a JAMstack-style site (no server-side languages in use), but you want to do something rather dynamic like send an email. Not a problem! That’s the whole point of JAMstack. It’s not just static hosting. It’s that plus doing anything else you wanna do through JavaScript and APIs. Here’s the setup…

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Bob Mitro getpublii.com

Publii - Open source CMS for static websites

Bob Mitro, Owner of Publii: Unlike static-site generators that are often unwieldy and difficult to use, Publii provides an easy-to-understand UI much like server-based CMSs such as WordPress or Joomla!, where users can create posts and other site content, and style their site using a variety of built-in themes and options. I love static-site generators, my favorite being Jekyll. The performance and security benefits are pretty amazing. Still, I have to agree with Bob here, they’re not always easy to use for non-developers. Publii looks like a nice option for clients or those of us who prefer a nice UI.

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Chris Manson github.com

A Fully-functional, SEO-friendly static site blog system built on Ember

This project is designed to be a fully-functional, static site implementation of a blog system that is mostly compatible with Ghost and is built on EmberJS with fully working out of the box SEO friendly output. It supports being hosted on AWS S3 or any other static site hosting solution. Check out the demo. It’s 100% static and hosted on S3. 🎉

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