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JS Party JS Party #56

We're dependent. See?

2018-12-14T12:00:00Z #javascript +1 🎧 7,383

KBall, Chris, Nick, and Safia discuss how they keep a healthy relationship with dependencies in their codebase. Listen to learn how they decide when to use third-party dependencies, how they verify and validate dependencies, and how to support the ecosystem of open source libraries.

JS Party JS Party #50

What up, docs? 🥕

2018-11-02T17:08:32Z #javascript +1 🎧 7,166

Safia, Nick, Jerod, and Chris get together to talk about documentation. Documentation is essential in our work but it can be difficult to get buy-in. The crew talks about how you can get others to care about it in your organization, tools that make documentation easier, and some examples of companies doing it right.

JS Party JS Party #46

Fantastic bugs and how to squash them

2018-10-05T17:00:00Z #javascript 🎧 7,380

Safia, Suz, KBall and Nick get together to talk about bugs! Not those pesky things you’re scared to squash because they might suddenly jump on you — this is all about JavaScript bugs; how you prevent some of the common ones, what tools you can use to reduce bugs in your code, and a panel group therapy session where they discuss the most difficult bug they’ve had to fix.

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