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What happens when you run `sudo !!`?

Safia Abdalla continues her excellent series of “what happens when” posts, this time tackling sudo !!:

One thing I’m sure everyone has done on the command line is to use the !! shortcut to run the command run previously with sudo.

Don’t be so sure, Safia. It took me literally years of command-lining around before I learned that trick. I bet you taught more than a few people about its existence with this very article. 👌

Safia Abdalla

How do I get started contributing to open source?

Safia Abdalla breaks down her nuanced answers to that often multi-faceted question. Namely, she answers it differently depending on your goals, which I is on point. 🎯

Do you want to get in to open source to find mentors? To improve your technical skills? To improve your empathy and communication skills? Different goals, different advice.

Safia Abdalla

I’m still looking for my first full-time, post-grad engineering gig

We had the pleasure of meeting up with Safia last year at OSCON. You can hear the conversation we had on this anthology episode where we discussed the future of open source.

I saw this tweet (see below) and wanted to help amplify it.


I’m still looking for my first full-time, post-grad engineering gig.

I’m looking for SE roles in Chicago/remote starting in early April.

Let me know if you’d like to interview me!

We think Safia is awesome. Hire her. You can view Safia’s résumé here.

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