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Go Time Go Time #119

Stop the presses

2020-02-27T18:30:00Z #go +1 🎧 13,610

Newsletters play a unique role for developers. As the Go community continues to grow and mature, these newsletters provide a much-needed filter for the oft overwhelming stream of new articles, talks, and libraries produced by the community on a weekly basis.

In this episode Johnny, Jon, and Mat are joined by Peter Cooper of the Golang Weekly newsletter to discuss his role as a newsletter curator. We explore difficult topics that touch on ethics and responsibilities of a curator and of course, the impact Peter and his team have on shaping, at least in part, what many in the Go community get exposed to.

Founders Talk Founders Talk #30

Peter Cooper / Cooper Press

2012-02-03T00:15:00Z 🎧 3,635

Peter Cooper, the Founder of Cooper Press joins Adam to talk about all the stops along the way on his path to where he is today. Peter shares an immense amount of knowledge on tech publishing, what he’s learned about marketing, email newsletters done right, setting and accomplishing goals, as well as some very good advice at the very end.

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