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Go Time Go Time #212

Go beyond work

2022-01-13T17:30:00Z #go 🎧 20,569

Our final installment from GopherCon 2021 is an awesome panel conversation led by Natalie & Angelica with guests Linus Lee, Daniela Patruzalek, and Sebastian Spank. All three of these gophers are using Go in cool and interesting ways outside of traditional work projects.

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #455

Building software for yourself

2021-08-23T18:00:00Z #oss 🎧 40,094

Today we’re talking to Linus Lee about the practice of building software for yourself. Linus has several side projects we could talk about, but today’s show is focused on Linus’ dynamically typed functional programming language called Ink that he used to write his full text personal search engine called Monocle.

Linus is focused on writing software that solves his own needs, all of which is open source, to help him learn more deeply and organize the knowledge of his life.

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