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A JavaScript UI framework that does its heavy lifting at build time instead of run time.
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JS Party JS Party #182

The Elder.js Guide to the Galaxy

2021-07-02T16:00:00Z #javascript +2 🎧 13,915

Nick Reese joins the party to tell us all about Elder.js, his opinionated static site generator and web framework built with SEO in mind. Elder.js was purpose-built with large, content-heavy websites in mind and already serves in many production capacities. We discuss imposter syndrome, the startup/product mindset, Svelte’s virtues, and much more.

Changelog Interviews Changelog Interviews #332

A UI framework without the framework

2019-01-30T21:25:14Z #javascript +3 🎧 30,087

Jerod and Adam talked with Rich Harris –a JavaScript Journalist on The New York Times Investigations team– about his magical disappearing UI framework called Svelte. We compare and contrast Svelte to React, how the framework is embedded in a component, build time vs. run time, scoping CSS to components, and CSS in JavaScript. Rich also shares where Svelte v3 is heading and the details on Sapper, a framework for building extremely high-performance progressive web apps, powered by Svelte.

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