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Andrey Sitnik Evil Martians

PostCSS 8.0 is coming. Here’s what it brings

Andrey Sitnik:

PostCSS, the framework for processing CSS with JavaScript that I started building while working at Evil Martians, has been around since 2013. With 100+ million downloads a month, it quietly tops the charts of most popular front-end tools. It is harder to find front-end code that does not rely on it in one way or another, many thanks to the ecosystem of plugins that the community has been building for years.

Support the project on Open Collective and click through to read what’s in store for the first major release in over two years.

Polina Gurtovaya Evil Martians

Images done right: Web graphics, good to the last byte

Polina Gurtovaya:

Start taking graphics on the web seriously and boost your applications’ performance by learning the essentials about image formats, both modern and old-school. Dig into SVGs and adopt the latest and greatest tools to optimize your graphical content: both vector and raster. Study the theory behind digital images and how humans perceive them—to improve the experience for your users.

Vladimir Dementyev Evil Martians

Rails 6: B-sides and rarities

Discover the lesser-known parts of the next major framework upgrade, appealing to mature applications that have been around for a while. Instead of focusing on “greatest hits,” we will walk you through B-sides and rarities that make this new release enjoyable in subtler ways.

What B-sides and rarities are Vladimir speaking of?

While the most-advertised Rails 6 features like Action Mailbox and Action Text steal all the spotlight, it is unlikely that a real-life Rails application that has been around for a while will benefit from the ease of building WYSIWYG text editors right after the upgrade.

At the same time, less flashy features like multiple databases support or parallel testing can bring immediate gains to your productivity—and Rails 6 has enough of those to offer if you know where to look.

Andrey Sitnik Evil Martians

Better web video with AV1 codec

Andrey Sitnik:

The bets are placed. Both YouTube and Netflix have named AV1 a video codec for the future: Google’s video service is already using it on TestTube (new, experimental features for YouTube). Netflix has been calling AV1 “our primary next-gen codec” for a while now.

AV1 is a new codec that produces videos 30-50% smaller than H.264 and 30% smaller than H.265. It’s already supported by Chrome and Firefox (with Edge support in beta), so it’s not too early to start encoding your videos with it.

This article helps you get started encoding with AV1 and has a great tip at the end to convert existing GIFs to it (reducing their size by 20 to 40 times)!

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