Go Time – Episode #200

Gophers Say What!?

our 200th episode extravaganza 🎉

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We’re celebrating our 200th episode with a crazy game of Gophers Say! Mat Ryer hosts two epic teams including Go Time OGs Carlisia, Erik, and Brian!



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Hello, and welcome to Go Time. I’m Mat Ryer, and today we’re playing a very special game. This is Gophers Say, a game show all about the opinions of our lovely Go Time listeners. This is Go Time’s 200th episode. 200th… Try saying that; it’s a difficult word to say, 200th… You know, because of the -d-, and the -th, -dth… It’s weird. [laughter] Well, we of course for our 200th celebration had to welcome back the Go Time OG hosts… Brian Ketelsen’s here. Hello, Brian!

Hello, Brian!

[laughs] Carlisia Thompson is also with us. Carlisia…?

Hi, everybody. Glad to be here!

Glad you are here. Erik St. Martin is also here, aren’t you, Erik?

Hey, everybody!

Welcome, Erik. It’s great to have you back. And we’re also joined by some present day hosts that you may have seen knocking about… Natalie Pistunovich is here… Hello, Natalie.

Hello, everyone.

Welcome. Kris Brandow is also here. Hello, Kris.

Welcome to the game show. We’ve also got Angelica Hill. Hello, Angelica.

[singing] Angelicaaa…! Does everyone sing your name if they’ve seen Hamilton now?

They do, yes. And I then respond and make them feel very uncomfortable.

Yeah, you harmonize with them straight away. That’s good.

Yeah. I just go “Alyzah…!” And they’re like, “Oh, God…” That was a bit off-tune… [laughs]

No, no, it’s brilliant. We’ll fix it. We’ve got voice pitch fix. Mark can do it; he’s a music producer now.

We’re auto-tuning, everybody.

[4:26] Exactly. [laughter] We’ve also got Johnny Boursiquot here though… Hello, Johnny Boursiquot!

Hello! Yes, mate, I’m here, knocking about…

You certainly are. I appreciate the accent, because I can understand you, at last… [laughter]

Really? It just breaks my heart…

That was pretty bad, Johnny…

I know, I know…

I’ve heard you do better, Johnny…

Oh no, don’t troll Johnny. He’s one of the nicest –

I came to have fun.

Johnny’s the nicest one on here. We can’t have a go at him. [laughter] And last but not least – what?! It is least… It’s Mark Bates. Hello, Mr. Bates. Welcome back.

Hello, everyone.


I’mma do my scouse accent which I can do really, really well, but every other word is a swear, so I don’t think that would be appropriate…

I think you should do it anyway mate I think it would be great

Aye Mate

He’s done it.

He’s done the burgers and the murders

Let me tell you about Gophers Say. Gophers Say is like family feud. Or in the U.K. it’s called Family Fortunes, which is actually much nicer, I think. It’s a bit like how we have The Great British Bake Off, which is like everyone’s all nice and they help each other… And then you have the U.S. Master Chef, where they’re like “I will destroy! I’m gonna make a soufflé. You will be wiped from the face of the Earth!”

Talking about bad accents… Geez.

He’s been practicing that bit all week, too; it’s just really sad that –

You should have done Ramsey…

“You burned the effin’ risotto! It’s raw!” [laughter]

Okay, I think we should all try not to do accents anymore, because so far they’ve all been terrible…

I admit, I’m terrible at accents…

Wait, wait, wait… If we’re not gonna do accents, what am I gonna do? [laughter]

Oh, we should really move on…

We asked a hundred Gophers a set of questions, and it’s your job to find the most common answers. It’s not a game of right or wrong, this is about getting into the horrible little minds that we’ve surveyed of those Gophers, and figuring out what they would have said.

If you’re on my team, you’d better think that it’s about getting it right… [laughter]

Ooh…! Competitive.

It’s all I’m saying.

Always Be Winning. That’s Carlisia.

Knights are out!

You’re gonna be split into two teams, which we’ll do in a moment, and we’re gonna Round Robin asking you to try and guess the most common answers, without conferring. So for example, if the question is “What’s your favorite programming language?”, you might say “Go”, and if people agree with you, you’ll hear this sound. [win alert] If 95 people agree with you, you get 95 points. So that’s pretty good. If you said - I don’t know, “Java”, you might hear this sound. [fail sound] And that means nobody agrees, and unfortunately, you’ll receive nil point which is French for “no points”, and you lose a life. If your team loses three lives, then the other team has the chance to steal the round, and you will be allowed to confer when it comes to stealing. You actually only have to get anything on the board to steal… So be careful of those steals. I’ll try to make that my catchphrase for this. So does everyone understand the rules?

No. Let’s do it.

Yeah, me neither.

You ask questions, we try to get them right. Boom.

Yeah, something like that. If you’ve ever sat in a dentist’s waiting room, you’ve seen the show. [laughter]

Really? What kind of dentist do you go to?

[08:00] Apparently, one that likes Steve Harvey, and likes to show nothing but Steve Harvey’s version of Family Feud all day long…

Yeah, he only goes to comedy-like TV-related dentists, which is why all his teeth are hilarious. Okay, so I’m gonna quickly go around and we’re gonna meet our contestants here. I’m gonna ask for your Twitter name in case people want to follow you… And I’ve tried to come up with some questions to sort of probe deep; we’re gonna see if we can learn a bit about it.

Brian, let’s start with you. What’s your Twitter name, Brian?

It’s @bketelsen.

I see. How are you spelling Ketelsen, mate?

The Norwegian way, K-E-T-E-L-S-E-N.

Okay, thank you so much. And your question, I thought - Brian, what’s your favorite URL scheme? HTTPS? FTP? Which one do you reckon?

I like Gopher.

Oh, what an answer, Brian… [laughter]

That is an old school–

Old school.

That’s clever.

Thank you.

Excellent. It’s clever, isn’t it, Carlisia?

Anyone who understood what he said, just consider yourself very old. [laughter]

Already there.

I didn’t understand it, by the way, but I was just playing along.

Right, right.

Carlisia, what’s your Twitter name, in case people want to follow you?

It’s my first name.

Okay. How are you spelling that?


That’d be good…


Excellent. And what’s your favorite Captcha? Do you reckon it’s “Find all the bicycles, crosswalks, traffic lights?” Which one’s your favorite? [laughter]

Oh, my God, this question – I never understand why people have to have one favorite. I don’t have one favorite of anything.

You like them all.

In this case I don’t like any of them. Can I go with that?

Yeah, fair enough. That’s fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I like the sites that don’t have a Captcha.

Yeah. Who wants security…? I’m with you. Erik. Erik St. Martin. Twitter? In case people want to troll you on Twitter, what’s your Twitter name, Erik?

It’s my full name with all spaces and punctuation removed. Erik St. Martin, all jammed together.

Erik with a K though, isn’t it?

The evil way, yes.

Yeah, it’s the baddie. The baddie way.

And it’s the abbreviated St. or the full Saint?

It’s the abbreviated one.

See? This is what we ask.

Which is my legal name.

Is it?

Unless we’re talking to an automated system, and then sometimes I’m Erik Street Martin, because… [laughter]

That’s what I thought it was, yeah.

Or unless it’s Microsoft, in which he’s just St. Erik.

Yes, this is true.

Oh, that’s pretty cool. That’s not a bad title to have.

Yeah. Erik, are you a sort of light mode or dark mode person? What sort of mode–

Dark mode. Definitely dark mode.

Yeah. With a K, isn’t it? It’s the baddie K, so…

I wish that had been my question… [laughter]

Natalie Pistunovich… How do people reach you on Twitter, Natalie?

For the non-Germans in the crowd, it’s Natalie. For the Germans, it’s Natalie without h. So it’s N-A-T-A-L-I-E, and then P-I-S, the first three letters of my last name.

Brilliant. So that people can find you. We’ll put these Twitter names in the show notes, too, for those that can’t follow this chaos. Natalie, what would you say is your favorite modifier key on the keyboard? Cmd, Option? I know it’s not Shift…

How do you know that?

[laughs] Because Mat always complains that I never use upper-case. I always just type lower-case everything, and also no other commas, and so on. Yeah, I have none… But can I answer Carlisia’s question?

Yes, please.

About my favorite Captcha.

Yeah, what is it?

The fire extinguishers. Because a person who does not live in the U.S. will not recognize those. Or a person who has not seen any American ones will not necessarily recognize those.

That’s true. But you’d probably figure it out. What on Earth is that little thing if not that? What else could it be?

That’s like two different types of tests that you’re going through. It’s fun.

Very good. Kris Brandow is here… Kris Brandow.

It sounds like a movie star name, doesn’t it?

Like Marlon Brando.

Yeah, it does sound like that. What’s your Twitter handle?

My Twitter name is @skriptble.

Very cool. That sounds like it was a startup at some point. Kris, if you had to pick one, what would you say is your favorite GUID?

Favorite what?!

GUID. Globally Unique Identifier. Microsoft loves GUIDs. Do you have a favorite, Kris? Any have caught your eye?

No, so I’ll just answer Erik’s question instead, because I like that one… So I prefer Dark Mode for my editor, and Light Mode for everything else.

Oh, cool. Yeah.

I wanna strike that balance.

Cool. Okay. I’m really not getting the respect I’d hoped for on this, with people just choosing their own questions… But let’s press on. We’ll press on.

That’s the problem with having a show full of hosts.

That’s true.

I’m sorry, have we met? [laughter]

Angelica Hill’s here’s, aren’t you, Angelica? What’s your Twitter name?

It’s my name, @angelica_hill. Just bog standard.

You have to type it in a British accent, or any…?

Yeah, it’s mandatory. Think British. So think British, tea, scones, queen, corgis, you’ll get me.

And the @ sign is on the other side…

Obviously, yeah.


The correct side.

Yeah. Angelica, what would you say is the best HTML tag? So your divs, your spans, your p’s… Which one would you go with if you had to pick one, which you definitely do?

[13:35] Probably script, just because when I was first learning software engineering I was obsessed with just shoving JavaScript in… I didn’t wanna have separate files; just shove it in.

Yeah, that’s a good answer, I like that… Although it’s wrong. The answer is “a”, because without that, it’s not–

There’s no wrong answers, Mat.

There are no right or wrong answers. [laughter]

How dare you discriminate against my answer?

No, you’re absolutely right.

You get all whiny about people not answering your questions, and I answer it…

And then it’s wrong. [laughter]

She did get it wrong.

You’re not really encouraging people, are you?

I love when people call Mat out. This is great.

Yeah. I’ve got different feelings in my tummy.

Yay, Angelica! I wanna be on her team.

Angelica, you’re my best friend.

Oh my gosh, I love this… [laughter]

Yeah. If I go red, it’s just lighting.

It’s your coat.

The jacket.

The jacket, yes. It’s a reflection.

Yeah, it’s just a reflection of this. It’s not anger.

You came well prepared, Mat. You know your crowd.

Yeah, exactly. I do. I’ve made a terrible mistake. Okay, Johnny Boursiquot - what if people want to ping you on Twitter and get loads of free advice, how would they do it? What’s your Twitter name?

Actually, you can just search Google, “Johnny Golang”, or “Golang Johnny.” That’ll take you to me.

Oh, that is a cool answer, isn’t it?

Oh, do you want better?

There’s many ways of spelling Johnny.

Yeah, exactly. I’ll do you one better. GolangJohnny.com. That’ll take you to all the places.

It’s much easier than trying to spell out your last name.

Yeah, yeah…

There’s a lot of unnecessary letters in that last name. You could do with a bit of gzip on it.

I know, right? Compress that thing…

Yeah, but – no, I like it, really. Johnny, what’s your favorite color, in Hex?

I think I wanna answer Angelica’s question…

Oh, for Pete’s sake…

Mine is the blink tag.

The blink.

I was hoping for an old school one, like blink or marquee.


Yeah, I love those tags… Oh, dear. So you’re not gonna tell us your favorite color in Hex.

Okay, fair enough.

I am partial to 000066.

Ooh, that’s deep, deep blue. Very good. That’s cool, ain’t it? To non-tech people watching this, that probably looks really impressive, doesn’t it?

I mean, I did wear a shirt… Well, although not as deep, but – that kind of gave you the hint, right?

Yeah, it did. Let me just get the digital color meter up… I just wanna check to see what color your shirt actually is in Hex… 3259FE, Johnny, actually…

[16:00] Oh, okay. Thanks for –

Yeah, no probs. Okay… We’ve got Mark Bates here, too. Mark, are you on Twitter?

I am. I’ll just say, I am really scared of whatever my question is gonna be. I am petrified knowing that you’re about to ask me a question I’ve never heard before.

Anyway - yes, I’m on the Twitters, I am on the everythings just as @markbates. Just my full name, that’s spelled with the two a’s and an r, you can put them wherever you like…

Nice. You signed up for all of those combinations of accounts…

Just a random wildcarding of Twitter handles, yes.

Very cool.

I did actually use to have a website, CatapultTheBand.com, but I eventually had to get CatapultHeBand.com, because the two t’s - everybody just kept going…

Yeah. You don’t need to t’s, which is why my name only has the one… No, your question is fine, Mark. It’s simply, “What’s your favorite security question on sign-up forms when you have to choose?”

Oh, geez. That’s a great one. Um, the blank one.

The blank one. There isn’t a blank one, is there?

Yeah. The good sites let you write in your own question.

Right. And what do you write in?

And what is the answer? [laughter]

The question should be “What is your favorite security answer?”, not your favorite security question.

Okay. Thank you very much.

I like answering them incorrectly.

You have to remember that though, don’t you? Otherwise you’re screwed.

You do have to remember that, but nobody’s gonna guess it. There’s way more ways to lie than there is to tell the truth… So like, “What’s your grandmother’s name?” Kevin. [laughter]

That was my grandmother’s name.

And then you just write it on a piece of paper. Problem solved.

Right. Mine are all right underneath my keyboard. Does everybody wanna see? I keep it right here, hang on…

A sticky note on the monitor? That works, too.

Yeah, I wrote one password at the top, and then I’ve figured that was good enough.

That is quite secure there, Mark, because no one wants to come around to your house.

Oh, goodness…

That is true. [laughter] Even my family doesn’t wanna spend time with me. You’re right. That is a very good point.

I’m obviously joking. Look at the studio he’s got. I definitely wanna go and spend time there. Now, sometimes the banter will slip over into hate… And I’m sorry when that happens; it’s an accident. I mean it, honestly, all of it, with the utmost love… Mostly.

Okay, well - let’s play. I think it’s time. We’ve met the contestants, they’re all a wonderful bunch of lovely people… Actually, the first thing we’re gonna do is choose our teams. Let me share my telly with you… And I’m using GitHub Codespaces here, and I’ve written a little program… And this is essentially I see the randoms there, we’ve got all the players, and a little loop, one to four… I’m just gonna pull out a random player. And this is like a pure function, Erik, for you, so… Kind of rusty, isn’t it?

So you pass in the players, we get back the list with the one removed, and… Let’s run it and see who’s on what team.

Wait, why do you need the second loop if you’re just getting the left out –

I was worrying somebody was gonna start debugging this… [laughter]

Team two.

You’re just getting the left four, or however… Yeah.

Oh, man… [laughter] Code review is harsh…

Oh, I’m getting a code review… [laughter]

I mean, she brings up a very good point, Mat.

I mean, you really don’t need that loop there at all.

Oh, this is great. This is great for me. [laughter] Because it’s similar code, if you must know… Once you’ve learned the first one, you know what the second one’s doing. Alright…

But you don’t need the second one.

I mean, I think you need the loop, but you don’t need –

It’s highly inefficient and confusing…

I don’t think you need half this…

I mean, realistically, you could –

You don’t need to randomize it.

Even if you wanted to call it twice, you could have abstracted it.

Right. Just print out the names.

Yeah, Mat.


It could even have been done with a strings join, You don’t even need the loop, for crying out loud.


Excellent. [laughter] Well, at least we have our teams from this. Team one - Erik, Natalie, Mark and Angelica. And team two is Brian, Carlisia, Johnny and Kris. There we have it. If you’re not happy with the teams, you can blame math rand.

[20:14] Or bad for loops.

Blame Mat Ryer, is that what you said? It sounded like Mat Ryer through my headphones…

Yeah, a little bit. Yeah.

I mean, I would be honored to have a package named after me in the standard library. So if that’s what we’re getting at, then I’m on board. Let’s go for round one. To decide who’s gonna have the board, which we’ll see in a moment, we’re gonna have to do a face-off. Or if you like puns, an interface-off. So we’ll pick Erik and Brian. You are two team captains. You two are gonna take part in the face-off and we’re gonna ask the first question. Let’s go.

So this is to figure out who’s gonna own the board… What is the least useful Go keyword? What did our survey Gophers say was the least useful Go keyword?

Hang on… So let’s do panic first. Brian, so “Panic”… [win sound] It’s correct, it’s on the board.

Does the naked return have a keyword? No, right?

Just return, I guess… Is it?

No, no, no. Return is very useful. [laughter]

Yeah, return is quite useful, isn’t it?

It is, isn’t it?

It has its moments…

It does. Okay. Erik, what was your guess?

Gophers say… [win sound] Top answer. Okay, so Erik, you got the top answer there, so your team now controls the board. We’re gonna go around your team in order, and take guesses. Remember, you have three lives. If you lose those three lives, it gives Brian’s team the chance to steal. So Natalie, let’s have your guess, please. What’s the least useful Go keyword, Natalie?


Fallthrough. Gophers say… [win sound]

It’s gonna be like number four.

Yes, second–

Oh, number two. Alright.

Yeah, it’s a very good guess. Okay. We’ve got lots of points on the scoreboard… Let’s see if we can get some more. It’s Mr. Bates’ turn. Careful, it’s Mark Bates’ turn… Mark, what’s your guess? What’s the least useful Go keyword?

I was gonna say fallthrough. That was my big guess.

What are you gonna say now…?

What am I gonna say… Hang on a second. So there’s only 24 of them. This shouldn’t be this hard.

There’s like 25, I don’t know…

Yeah. But I don’t know what they are… [laughter]

I should. I teach them all the time. [laughter] That’s what’s so bad. I’m gonna say – is “iota” a keyword?


No, it’s not a keyword. So I’m gonna say…

Oh, I know. I have one. I have one.

Well, you can’t tell–

Don’t say it.

Sorry. When it’s my turn, I have one.

It’s not gonna be, unless they lose all their lives… Because Erik won the board.

Yeah. So you’re good on this one.

I have one that I think is a good one if– [laughter]

Mark, can you say a keyboard, please, mate?

Yes. [laughs]

Just say one.

I am gonna say what people think is a least useful Go keyword…

Ah, say it…!

I don’t agree with that, but I’m gonna say “select”.


And the gophers say… [fail sound]

I’m sorry, no… Select is not a good one.

Can I go, can I go?

No, they have three more lives.

No, I’m afraid not, Carlisia, because we’ve got rules in this game. Next up is Angelica. Angelica, which is the least useful Go keyword?

So now I find them all pretty useful at this stage… [laughter]

So we’ve got goto at number one, 35 gophers said that. Fallthrough is at number two, that’s 26 gophers. And then in the fifth place on the board is panic, with five. So we’re looking for spaces three and four now. What could be in there…?

Maybe continue…?

[24:12] Continue. Gophers say… [fail sound]

No, I’m sorry…

I gave it a go…

So you’ve lost two lives. We’re gonna loop back around.

Nope, I’m afraid not, Carlisia. [laughter]

When can I go? I haven’t gone yet.

Unless they lose their final life, and then you get a chance to steal, and then you might be able to steal and win all the points. So that will be very exciting. Okay, Erik, back to you; another guess.

I’m gonna go with const.


Gophers say… [fail sound] I’m sorry, it’s not there. And you’ve lost three lives.

I’m trying to think of the ones that you use the least.

So now that means team two has a chance to steal. You’re welcome to confer, so you can just chat amongst each other. So Carlisia… It’s your time to shine!

Wait, can I go? Can I go?

Wait, we can confer. We can confer. Let’s talk.

You have to tell Brian.

Let’s confer.

Where are we conferring?

Right now, right here.

It’s not like we can steal your answer at this point…

I feel like “break” should probably be in there somewhere…

No, no, no. Mine is better.

What’s yours?

Yup. New is one of them. Else is another one…

New isn’t a keyword, is it?

Yes, it is.

I don’t panic is a keyword either, so…

New is not a keyword. New is not a keyword.

New isn’t a keyword. But also panic is not a keyword, so I don’t know…

Oh, that’s true…

Oh, yeah…

I have to go with import.

New is sort of like a function. Yeah, it’s not a keyword.

This isn’t right or wrong. This is just what the Gophers answered.

Import. We don’t need other people’s code. [laughter]

No. [laughs]

No, my vote is for break.

Okay, so we’ve got break, we’ve got new, and I’ll throw in else.

Oh, else is a good one, too.

Those are useful.

You shouldn’t put else in your code… But I think break should probably be, because – well, I don’t know.

Okay, so what’s your answer then, Brian? You have to choose.

Hardcore gophers would say else shouldn’t exist maybe, but…

They use break all the time…

It’s very common.

Yeah. Remember, this isn’t about right or wrong. This is what the other Gophers have answered to this question.

I mean, clearly this isn’t about right or wrong. Panic is not here, so…

Can we look at the list? Because we’re not gonna go anywhere… We don’t know –

No, we narrowed it down. We just have to pick the last two, between new, else and break.

I think there’s more to the list than those.

Pick one. Final answer. Otherwise we’re just gonna move to the next board.

Break? Should we go with break?

Sorry, break and what else?

You just have to only guess one. Your guess is break… Gophers say… Is it break? [fail sound] Oh, I’m sorry. No.

I’m telling you, new and else.

Let’s reveal the board. Number one, we had goto. Number two was fallthrough. Number three… New.

It’s not a keyword! [laughter]

I said that! Do we get the points?

No, Carlisia. I’m afraid not.

This is fake news.

Number four, else.

Oh, look at that.

Ohhh, Johnny…

I told you. [laughs]

This may be fake news… This is what the Gophers said. That’s the game.

But I guessed it.

I really did spell this out a lot.

I don’t understand this game. I guessed the word though.

But it’s wrong.

I know, but I had to take a final answer from your team, Captain Brian.

I have to agree with Brian… Unless they were shown a list of keywords, letting them just randomly guess keywords that are functions is…

Why did we choose to play this game with a bunch of pedants?

Like, because they could have said anything…

Technically, the rules of the game is it’s not really what’s accurate, right? It’s what do we think most people said.


This is what people said. We asked them. This is what they said. This is the data.

Yeah, but which people did you ask, Mark?

Look, it’s like saying “What’s your favorite movie?” and someone says “The TV guide”, and you’re like “Okay, you win.”

If we had documentation, we would not have this argument at all. Just saying.

Okay, it’s time to go to the next round. Team one bagged themselves 66 delicious points there. Now we all understand the rules and we’re not gonna argue about it anymore, we can go on to round two.

Aren’t I on team one?

I have a list here of team one…

I don’t have the list. Where is the list?

This is the list.

Oh, great. I’m winning. Never mind. [laughter]

What was your first programming language? Okay…

I take back anything I said.

This one’s a good one.

Okay. So we’re gonna do an Interface-off again… This time we’re gonna ask for Natalie and Carlisia. Natalie, first of all, what was your first programming language? What did the Gophers say to this, Natalie?

Python. Gophers say… [win sound] Correct. And let’s see where it is on the board… It’s right bang in the middle, at number four. We’ve got seven items on the board here, number four there - Python. Carlisia, if you can beat this, that means your team takes the –

Ruby. Ruby will be beat that.

Brian’s back, Brian is back.

It’s like all the OG Gophers… [laughs]

Okay, Ruby. Let’s see. Gophers say… [fail sound] No. Nobody said it.

What?! Who answered this survey?!

Not Rubyists…

I guess that makes sense, this is first programming language.

Yeah, yeah. Okay, that means Natalie’s team takes the board. That’s team one again. But don’t worry, there’s always a change to steal if they lose their three lives.

Stop the steal.

So Mark Bates… What do you think?

I’m gonna say most people said JavaScript.

Gophers say… [fail sound]

This is amazing, I know. So you lose a life, unfortunately.

Right, like, who answered this? [laughter]

The answers are anonymous. We have to protect the identities of our sources.

I should hope so, because we might have to find them after this show and have a…


We have to have a conversation…

Okay, Angelica, it’s time for you to have guess of which programming language was the people’s first one. What would you think it is?

Maybe Go… It was my first software engineering language.

Okay. Gophers say…

[fail sound]

No. Nobody said Go.

I still find this impressive, Angelica; that’s an awesome answer, even though it’s not here.

How old is this Go community? Come on…

We don’t have the demographics…

There must be some really old stuff like LISP or something.

We’ll get it next time, guys.

Erik, your turn. Come on, let’s get some points.

This one has to be on there - C is gonna be on there.

Okay, let’s see.

Yeah, it’s gotta be there.

[32:00] Gophers say… [win sound] Yes! And it’s at number three, with 11 of our surveyed Gophers said C. You have a life remaining, so let’s go. Natalie, it’s your turn again. Pick a language. Be careful, one life left.

Pascal. Gophers say… [win sound] Yes, it’s on there.

That was my first programming language.

Number two.

What on Earth…? Wow, okay…

Alright… It’s not going where I expected

Yeah, this is amazing.

So now you get an idea who answered this question.

Yup, yup…

I didn’t answer…

Okay, Mark, back around to you…

Okay, I’m gonna go with one of my first languages, which is now a big enterprise language, but they teach it in schools all the time… I’m gonna say show me Java!


Gophers say… [win sound] Yes, indeed.

Probably number one, or something.

Let’s see… It’s at number six.

Yeah, just seven people started with Java.

Okay, okay, so I know what number one is… I can tell…

I think I know, too.

Hold on, because before that is… Angelica! It’s your turn.

They all know what it is; I don’t.

Well, it’s your turn. There’s no conferring, remember…

Okay, maybe just like Morse-code me with winks…

Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep… It means “Get a move on, please.”

Just let me take my time, Mat…

No we haven’t really got time because of all the bants.

Oh, goodness. Well, that’s your fault, isn’t it? [laughter]

So glad she’s on my team. So glad.

The thing is - that accent sounds really authentic.

Um, let’s go with – well, given the tone thus far, maybe Scala?

Scala. Gophers say… [fail sound] No. And that’s unfortunately your lives over, but don’t worry; team two, it’s your opportunity to steal now. We just need one correct answer, and you take all of the points. You gobble them all up. You eat all the points. Take them all!

I think I know which one it is…

My vote is for Basic.

No, don’t say Basic. No.

Let’s confer…

We’re conferring. We’re conferring.

Let’s confer.

Can I say what I think it is?

What do you think it is?

We’re conferring, this is not our official answer.

Alright. It’s PHP, in my opinion.

I was gonna say that.

I’m sure PHP is on there, too.

I can see that, yeah.

But I bet Basic is on the top.

Alright, I think we agree. Php.

We don’t agree…

Brian, I have to take it from the team captain.

I’m not the team captain.

Who made Brian the team captain?

He came out first…

I think it’s Carlisia. Carlisia is the team captain. [laughter]

It’s two to one. They say PHP, so let’s go with PHP.

Okay, PHP. Gophers say… [win sound] Yes! You do it, and you steal the points. It was at number five there, with nine people starting with PHP.

Okay, I think number one is gonna be one of those things like - this is not a language.

It’s gonna be Basic.

It’s Basic.

It’s gonna be Yaml.

Let’s see what was at number seven first…

Wow… Wow!

I knew it was gonna be Basic, with this theme…

Yeah, yeah…

Yeah, Basic. And number one…

Pascal, and stuff? I mean, who says Pascal… Unless you’ve done Basic. [laughter]

Basic, Pascal, C, Python, PHP, Java, and at number seven was C++.

That’s not a language… [laughter]

Shots fired.

I don’t think Etc. is a language either…

Yeah… What?! [laughter]

It probably is…

Etc… [laughs]

Well, we said a bunch of stuff that could fall into Etc…

Yeah. JavaScript. That falls under Etc. Come on!

JavaScript didn’t get enough to make it to the board. Any with five answers or less don’t make it on the board. JavaScript had 2, C# had three, and actually - believe it or not - ActionScript had three also. Very interesting.

This crowd is skewing old then, the surveyed.

Yeah, this is an older crowd, for sure.

So that tells us a lot about future questions…

Yeah, I think so. Well, speaking of which, let’s move on to round three. Jazz! Okay, the question is…

Ooh… Ooh…

Which IDE are you most productive in?

Alright, so let’s be clear here - we’re not talking about a text editor, we’re talking about an IDE. A full-blown IDE.

No, Johnny…

You can’t ask the people who answered the question this.

I don’t think the community is gonna distinguish between the two of them.

Yeah, maybe not.

Once again, panic is not a keyword, and neither is new. Like… [laughter]

Yeah. Johnny, these are people like me…

It’s also not an IDE.

…who don’t know what keywords are. Like me.

Let’s watch what we’re saying about our listeners, please…

No, like me. I said–

They’re all really awesome people… [laughs]

…they are like me, and they would think things that are not keywords are keywords.

Well, it’s time anyway for the Interface-off between Mark Bates and Johnny Boursiquot. Step to the podium, please, gentlemen… Metaphorically.

Okay, Mark, first of all.

I’m gonna go with the – while it might not be my first choice, the incredibly popular VS Code.

Gophers say… [win sound] Yes. And it’s at number one. 44 people out of 100 Gophers surveyed said VS Code. And it’s the one I use, actually. Mark, because you’re at number one, Johnny, I’m sorry, go and sit down. You don’t get to compete now. He did it, he got the top answer there, at 44, with VS Code.

Well, it was too easy of an answer.

Well, there we go.

That was – that was a really good one. I liked this question. We should have more like this.

Well, I know what number two is if anybody is wondering…

Can we see the full list? I think Vim’s on there…

Hold on, because we’re still gonna play the game.

Johnny, why are you telling them – don’t give them ideas.

You still have a chance to steal. We have to go through the rest of the list, Johnny.

Well, it’s not like y’all were gonna guess that… I mean –

It’s fine. Okay.

I’ve never heard of Vim before. What is that? [laughter]

And there’s a couple people on here who are old-school Vim users, so I don’t think – nobody’s surprised by it.

Okay. Angelica, it’s your turn to have a guess…

This is really difficult. I think I’m gonna go with Vim… [laughter]

That’s gonna be number two.

Okay. Vim. Gophers say… [win sound] Correct! And it is in fact number three.

Oh, Neovim…

Vim, or Neovim. We’ve got nine people saying that. Very interesting. So we still have option two to guess, four and five. Let’s see if we can do it. You have three lives… Erik, what do you think?

Alright, I’m gonna go with Emacs here, too.

Emacs, baby. Gophers say… [win sound] Yes…!

On a roll!

At number five.

Can I go? Can I go? [laughter]

Carlisia, how about I tell you when it’s your turn? We’ll do that system.

If Carlisia wants to give our team points, I think it’s fine.

Sure. What was your idea, just out of curiosity?

Yeah, do let us know…

Can I say?

No, no, no…

No! It’s not our turn yet.

It’s Natalie’s turn first. So Natalie, what do you think?

We may be thinking of the same thing, Carlisia… IntelliJ.

I was not thinking that, but that’s a good one.

IntelliJ. Gophers say… [win sound]

At number four there, IntelliJ. Yes. With six people.

Can I go, can I go now?

I’m afraid not.

Darn it…

Yeah, I know. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But it is always the same rules. In fact, that means it’s back to Mark Bates, who’s gonna now have his guess.

Mark, I know the answer, Mark. I know the answer.

Do you wanna tell me what it is?


You have three lives…

You can text it to me. You have my number… Go for it. I’ll wait. I’ve got a minute.

Bates, you don’t have a minute.

Can I do that?

Apparently, Carlisia does not wanna win the game…

You know you’re on different teams, right Carlisia?

I wasn’t listening when the rules were being explained…

And now we’re all paying the price.

You’re not supposed to give the other team the answers, that’s the first rule…

[39:58] There are two teams, and you’re not on Mark’s.

Oh, Mark is not on my team…

No, I’m afraid not.

Not this time, sorry. [laughter]

I have to go look it up. Hold on. I’ll be right back.

Let’s wait for Mark though.

I wrote it on paper, if that helps… I’m sorry for my bad handwriting, but here’s the list. Maybe it’s also mirrored

I swear I asked somebody to put the list in Slack or Zoom earlier, so we can avoid this confusion… But anyway, it’s my turn. So I’m gonna go with Goland.

Goland, let’s see. Gophers say… [win sound] Correct indeed, and you win the round, and you win the points.

Did we really separate Goland and IntelliJ?

I thought IntelliJ was the same as Goland.

Yeah, why are those two separate?

They are…

I thought they were the same.

Because they’re two separate products by IntelliJ.


Why is new a keyword now? Who knows?

Vim and Neovim are together, and those are two separate things…

Listen, listen… It’s not what we think, it’s what everybody else thinks. It’s not what we think.

Okay, team one has 161 points, team two is trailing with 47, but it’s all still to play for…

We’ve set out for Family Feud, we got Jerry Springer… [laughter]

I was gonna say Sublime, by the way…

Oh, that’s a good guess. Yeah, we did get a few other mentions. We had Sublime Text, Text Edit, the Unix Shell, and “a wet piece of string”. [laughter]

You have me at Unix Shell, but “a wet piece of string”? Okay…

Oh, wait a minute, I was in that survey…

I’ll throw in a shout-out to my Notepad++ folks out there… Just a shout-out to you.

I wanna watch whoever it is that’s using the Unix Shell. Is this just like echoing strings and concatting a file continuously, and then sed to update it?

It must be.

I wanna see what this workflow looks like,

I like stream editors. Forget this IDE stuff.

Those people are wizards… Or witches…

I have a question about the rules… Does team one always get to guess first in the face-off?


Because we won the last round, but team one guessed first.

That’s true.

It’s a fair point. Yeah, I didn’t run them as the seed, did I?

Mat. Bad host.

We’ll make sure we make up for it. In our next round, which is round four… Okay, round four… And we wanna bring to the head to head now - it’s gonna be Kris and Angelica. Come to the podium, please.

Wait, what?! What is this question?

Oh, I know…

Okay, so this is like, in text speak, which text abbreviation do you use the most? And Kris…

Wait a minute, that was not an explanation. You gave a GoDoc standard library answer. You used the same words five times, and then ended the sentence.

What’s the context for this question?

Okay, what were the Changelog people drinking when they did this? [laughter]

You guys…?!

Does that count?

“In text speak, when abbreviating, what’s your favorite text abbreviation?” What does that mean?

What does that have to do with Go?

Look, this is simple…

Is it like, when I’m texting? When I’m sexting? What?! [laughter]

Those are very differnt things, you want to make sure you don’t…

I need to know more. I need more information. What does this mean?

Peach emoji.

This is not about Go…

Look, let me explain this, because I think the crux of this is escaping a few of us a little bit… This is the question that was asked, we’ve collected the answers and counted them; what did people say when they were asked this question? It’s as simple as that. It’s as simple as that.

Oh, Lord…

I’m ready, I’ve got one.

Kris. We’re gonna go first to Kris.

I’m ready.

Kris, what’s your guess?

I don’t know the context. Is this like abbreviations in Go code, or abbreviations in general?

In text speak, when you’re texting.

I don’t think we gave the people –

[43:55] In text speak, abbreviations - what are the text abbreviations in text speak that abbreviate the most text abbreviations…?

Yeah, exactly. How is that not clear?

I think we just have to guess who we think people interpreted this…

Oh, God…

What do you think, Kris?

Alright, I’ll just go with the most generic one, LOL…

LOL. Gophers say… [win sound]

Yeah, there you go.

There you go. And it’s the top answer, which means team two takes the board. You’re in control of the board now… So we’re gonna go through the team. This is gonna be good. Brian, you’re up next. What’s your guess? Which text abbreviation do you use the most?

BRB. Gophers say… [fail sound] No, I’m afraid…

What?! Who are these people?

They’re people that don’t leave for a little short while. That’s who they are. Okay, don’t worry; you’ve just lost a life, but two lives left. Carlisia! It’s time! It’s your guess.

Okay, if RLOL shows up on this board, I’m gonna be mad, because they should go together with LOL. So now I don’t know…

Usually you’re desperate to give us an answer. Come on…

I was thinking either LGTM or K8S.

We can confer, if you’d like.

You can’t.

We cannot?

No, you can’t confer until you’re stealing.

Wow. These rules, man…

I know. I know. Alright, Carlisia, what do you think? What’s your guess?

Rolling on the floor laughing, or RLOL. So… I’m just gonna expect that that’s in there.

ROFL. Gophers say… [fail sound] No, I’m sorry. Nobody said that.

I think the safest one is LGTM, for sure.

Nobody said that… Who are these people?!

The top answer only has ten, so…

Nobody said that…

I don’t think I’ve ever typed that in my life.

ROLF? Really?

No, the rolling on the floor laughing.

Does anybody remember the Roflcopter?

Roflcopter, yeah…!

What is it?

No, I don’t remember that.

Okay, Johnny. Your turn. Two lives left. What do you think?

AFK. Gophers say… [fail sound] No, I’m afraid not.

What are these abbreviations?!

AFK? Away From Keyboard. You never used that one?

Is “don’t” considered an abbreviation?

No, I’m like – what do people think of abbreviations? If AFK, BRB, all of these are not there… What is this?!

They don’t leave the keyboard, Johnny.

You lose another life, I’m afraid… But don’t worry, you still have another life. Kris, what do you think?

Oh, goodness… Text abbreviations… I’m trying to think of ones I actually use. I don’t abbreviate things very often.

Brian is trying to help you, Kris.

That’s not allowed.

Well, he’s not on that team.

[laughs] Oh, OMG.


It’s gotta be on there, right?

Is that on there?

[fail sound]

OMG… [laughter]

How about WTF?

Yeah, WTF…

I’m afraid that is all your lives…

I am starting to have serious concerns for this community.

Let’s steal!

Yeah, it’s time to steal, maybe…

You’re allowed to confer… So what do we think?

Yeah, I was gonna say WTF, team.

Yeah, WTF, JK, and the other one I was thinking is if we think about programmers - what about LGTM?

Those are two different things. E.g. is an example, and i.e. is a different thing.

I feel that, too. Yeah…

I think it’s WTF. I think that’s –


…everybody uses WTF.

Well, people use OMG like crazy too, and why is that not on there?

I know, I know… But these are programmers. They’re either gonna tell people to RTFM, or WTF all the time.

I think it’s either gonna be like LGTM or LMAO.

You guys, you have like five choices. Pick one and go. I wanna see this board.

Erik? What do you think?

I think LGTM. All the other random text ones are not here.

Okay. Gophers say, to steal… [win sound] Yes! You’ve got one. At number three, LGTM. So team one steals those delicious points; gobbles them down, eats them all up.

[48:19] Num num.

Let’s see what else. Number six. We’re gonna go with the bottom first… Number six was… People that don’t use any abbreviations. [laughter]

Really, that was an answer?!

They always use proper grammatical, well-structured sentences, for all the things, all the time.


There’s always a tweet. Find these people, go through their Twitter accounts. I think they use them.

Okay. Number five - six people said this… IIRC. Who knows what that means…?

If I recall correctly…

Okay. Yeah, very good.

IMHO is gonna be one probably then…

At number four, with seven people, IMO or IMHO. In my humble opinion.

And WTF. You’ve gotta have that, right?

And number two, surprisingly, e.g. [laughter]

Who the hell are these people?

What is this…?!

What is e.g.? Can somebody explain it to me.

It means example.

For example, yeah.

Do we think that they were trolling us when they answered this?

Well, we don’t know. We’ll never know.

Why not i.e.? I see more of that than e.g.

In other words, right…

You shouldn’t…

Well, I shouldn’t. I’m just saying I do.

E.g. is more grammatically correct, most of the time…

Not arguing that…

Yeah. Is it like i.e, but in a different country? What is this…?

Well, i.e. is like an exact replacement, where e.g. is like an example… But anyway, this doesn’t matter. Let’s move on…

Well, the people that said they don’t use them - they left us some comments. They said “I work in a multi-country development team, and I’ve found that avoiding them is better for the team.” And some people say that they’re less clear if you don’t already know what they mean… So they avoid them; they don’t use them. And that’s fair enough. That’s their right. So they don’t need a podcast –

This is less than half the people though. Where is the rest of the answers? I wanna know what the weird ones were.

No other answers had five–

I was thinking if “okay” was considered an abbreviation… I mean, it is, but at this point–

I don’t have that data. Actually, that’s a good question. I don’t know that it is.

Let’s move on. We’re in round 4 of 20, so I think we should–

Yeah, we’re not gonna finish that…

We’ve got six rounds, don’t worry.

Our next round - we’ve given it a little bit of a twist. It’s time for Unpopular Opinions!

[51:29] to [51:45]

There we go, Acapella edition of Unpopular Opinions there. A little treat for everyone. And I do mean treat.

That is new.

Who recorded that? Who was singing?

That’s me, when I did the unpopular opinion theme tune, and then someone took out all the music…

Oh, hell no. That is not you.

I love it. I love it. Is it true?


I love it, I love it.

Really? Man, he must have auto-tuned you real good…


Oh, excuse me? [laughs]

[52:13] Okay, well - in this round, we’ve given it a little bit of a twist. We’re actually looking for the bottom answers. The things that made it onto the board, but they weren’t high-scoring. So we’re looking for the unpopular opinions this time. And the question is, if I weren’t using Go to write code, I’d be using… What? There’s no face-off, we’re just gonna bounce between the teams. And we’ll start with the trailing team. Brian, what do you think?

I think you meant “losers”.

“Losers” is the correct term.

I do not like that term, trailing team. I did not like that.

Really? I thought that was politer…

I think Erik’s term, “losers” probably more accurate.

If you wanna call us losers, call us losers, okay?

We did win the second round…

I mean, you only won the second round because Mat cheated for you, so… That’s why you have all those points. If he’d done it the right way, we’d be ahead. So…

Brian. Why do we do this with a bunch of pedantic programmers? This was a terrible idea… [laughter]

All you had to do was follow the rules, Mat…

Yeah. Sure. I can’t follow the rules… Brian, what do we think?

Show me Rust.

Okay. Rust. Gophers say… [win sound] Yes, indeed.

But that’s gonna be popular…

Yeah, quite popular. You get ten points for it though, even though 24 people said it. It’s in at number two, so it was quite popular… So we’re looking for – okay, yeah, that’s it now. We’re gonna bounce over to Erik for a guess. Erik, what do you think?

Pascal. Gophers say…

Did you say Haskell or Pascal?

Oh, sorry, what did you say?

Yeah, the initial sound was – Haskell. [fail sound] Haskell is not on the board, I’m afraid. Carlisia, what do you think?

Erik didn’t get the gist that people ran away from Pascal to come to Go…


And if they didn’t do Go, they ran away from Pascal to do something else. [laughter]

What did they run away from then, Carlisia? What do you think they’d be using?

I wanted to say Yaml, to be cheeky, but… Hold on. Hold on.

Don’t lose us the points…

I know, I don’t wanna throw it away.

No conferring…

We need the points. Wait, can’t we confer?

No conferring. Carlisia, what do you think?

Python. Python. Python.

Python. Okay, let’s see. Gophers say… [win sound] Indeed. But very popular. Number one.

Oh, yeah.

So you just get five points, but that’s good. It all adds up, as long as you get points. Okay, next up we’ve got Natalie.

Wait, why is Python five points and the other one is ten points? I don’t get it.

We’re looking for unpopular opinions, so it’s the opposite now… So the higher up it is, the fewer points there are. We’re looking for the ones lower down the board. Number one we have Python, that 26 people said, which earns you five points. Rust is in at number two, 24 people said that, which gives you 10 points… But there’s till three, four and five. They’re the high-scoring ones, so Natalie, can you find one?

Scala. Gophers say… [fail sound]

So it’s an infinite number of points, because it’s not there? [laughter]

There we go… No, it’s a divide by zero error.

Yay, we won!

You win, yeah.

Okay. Johnny. Johnny, be good. Be good mate, and get one.

Java. Gophers say… [win sound] Yes, indeed. Where is it? It’s at number three. Eight people said it, which gets you 15 delicious points. Very good. Mr. Bates is up next… I mean, Mark Bates. Mark Bates. What do you think, mate?

I’m gonna go with .NET.

[55:58] .NET, okay. Gophers say… [win sound] Yes, we’re gonna give you that. People said C#. Seven people did, which gives you 20 points. What are you gonna spend your points on, Mark? Don’t answer, we haven’t really got time. Next up, it’s Kris’ turn. Kris, can you get this last one?

I’m gonna say JavaScript.

Are you? Well, let’s see what the Gophers say. [win sound] Excellent! You’ve done it! The top scorer. 25 points there, because five people said JavaScript. Very good.

And check out those points there… You’re catching up, Team 2. It’s not the end of the road yet… We’ve got another round. Does anyone want to just do some quick banter? But it’s gotta be quick. You can just insult me quickly and get it out of the way…

Mat, where’s the rest of your hair?

Johnny, in the land of the bald, the receded man is king. [laugher]

On the nose, Johnny. Really.

Um, okay.

That was super-direct.

you were unbelieveable Mat.

I don’t like to beat around the bush. I was saying how wonderful you are.

No, that was good bants. It was really good bants. Round six though, we’re playing for double points. We’re back to playing the normal now; we’re looking for the top-scoring, but they’re double points, which does give a nice opportunity to catch up here, and overtake, and team two could win this. So let’s go on to next round. It’s round six.

Okay… The question we asked our Gophers is “The most useful package in the standard library is - what?” Now, you can nominate who you want to go head-to-head from each team. Who’s gonna go head-to-head?

I pick Johnny.

Team 1, who do we think?

Team 1 is Erik, Natalie, Mark and Angelica. Who out of those four?

Natalie, Angelica?


Natalie’s like, “Leave me out of this…”

No, no, no, I was like “Alyzah…”

Way to be a team player, Natalie… [laughs]

She was singing Hamilton.

No, I said “Alyzah.” I was singing to them.

I mean, I have an idea for what I think probably the top one is…

We can’t confer on an answer, just on who is going to say it, right?

That’s right, yeah.

Okay. Well, if Erik thinks he has a top answer, I’d say we go with him.

Okay, Erik. And Brian, from your team, Brian, Carlisia, Johnny and Kris, who’s gonna be going head to head with Erik?


Go, Carlisia.

No, you guys go. I can think of one, but I think it’s the same that Erik is thinking… So if somebody has multiple ideas…

I’ve got a good one, too.

Team 2 is gonna go first, so Carlisia, if you wanna do it, you get to go first…

Go, Carlisia.

No. Brian, Go. Brian, go.

I’ll pick IO.

IO. Okay. Gophers say… [win sound] Oh, indeed, Brian. IO is up there, indeed. At number three, 14 people said that the IO package is the most useful package in the standard library. That earns you 28 delicious points. That’s good. Okay, next person is…

Is that still team 2?

Team 2, yeah. So Carlisia…

Oh, then let me go. Let me go.

It’s not a face-off?

You said we were bouncing back and forth.

No, sorry. We’re not. Erik, you now have to guess. And if you beat him, you take the board. That’s right. So Erik, can you find one…?

I thought Brian was gonna steal mine. Nethttp.

Nethttp. Gophers say, for the steal… [win sound] Yes, it’s on there. But where is it? It’s at the top! The most useful Go package, according to our surveyed Gophers, is Nethttp. 29 people said it, and that earns you a delicious 58 points, and the control of the board… Which means, Natalie, it’s your turn to choose the next one guess. Guess one.

Would you like to pronounce it properly? [laughter]

If you don’t, you’re gonna lose the game.


[01:00:05.18] The formatting one.

Yeah, ftm. Let’s see if fmt is up there. Gophers say… [win sound] Yes, indeed. And it’s at number two, 21 people.

Oh, boy.

That was the one that I was thinking.

Great minds, Carlisia.

Great minds, indeed.

So we’ve got Nethttp at number one there, fmt at number two… At number three we have the IO package. That leaves four and five open… And we’re gonna find out if Mark can figure one of those out. What do you think, Mark?

I have a couple good guesses… But I’m gonna go with one of the most important packages in the Go standard library that we cannot live without day to day, and that’s the testing package.

Beautiful, beautiful. Testify. Let’s see, testing. Gophers say… [win sound] Yes! It’s up there, and it’s number four. That gives you a lovely 14 points.

I think I know what the last one is, too.

I think it’s the other one I didn’t say, I hope…

Well, remember, there’s no conferring…

I have in mind one that I hope is the last one. If it isn’t, I will find it weird…

Okay, interesting… We’ll find out from after what that is, Carlisia… But first of all, Angelica, it’s your guess… Can you get it? What’s the most useful Go package in the standard library?

It’s a little pressure…

You still have all three points…

I mean, my first thought is math, just because I stopped doing math when I was 16, so I find that very useful, because I can’t do any of that… Mark is giving me a weird look… [laughs] Um, maybe math… I think I’ll go with math, as my teammates cry on the side…

Math, okay. Gophers say… [fail sound] No, it’s not that. You lose a life. But don’t worry, you’ve got two lives left. And Erik, it’s your turn to guess this last one. If you lose all three lives, of course, remember that the other team gets an opportunity to steal this board.

Based on usage, I think it’s gonna be strings.

Strings. Gophers say… [fail sound] No, I’m afraid not. You lose a life, and you have one life left. That life is in the hands of Natalie Pistunovich. Natalie, what’s the final one?

Do I get to confer?

No, I’m afraid not. You’ll have to just do it all on your own.

What would this be…?

What do you think, Natalie?

I actually am gonna go with Angelica’s hunch…

Go with archive…

Log. Okay, this is it, your last life… Let’s see if you get the board or give the other team a chance to steal. Is log on the board? Gophers say… [fail sound] No, I’m afraid not… So you can confer… Team 2 has a chance to steal.

It’s errors.

Yeah, I think it’s either errors or database.

No, it’s errors.

That’s because everybody’s been reading Mark Bates code. [laughter]

It’s errors.

Yeah, I’d agree. I’d say errors. If we’re gonna fail, let’s fail anonymously.

Okay. Before we move on, does anyone else want to be mean to Mark? Because that felt good for me…

I want to agree with the other team. I think it’s a good answer.

What was the answer then?

Errors. Let’s see. Gophers say… [fail sound]

Okay, okay. I’m outta here.

Is it database SQL?

That’s what I think it is.

That’s what I was thinking.

Can I take a guess?


I think it could be the sync package.

Oh, interesting. The points are gonna be awarded already, and let’s have a look, what was that final one at number five… The most useful Go package was indeed sync.

Yes, five people said that.

Well, you can’t go concurrency in Go without it…

Wait, what’s in the sync package? I don’t think I’ve ever used it… [laughter] What am I missing?

That’s where Mutex and WaitGroup and everything –

You’re missing some synchronization.

Okay, yup.

Sync was a favorite of mine. I think that’s a cracking little function…

It’s an incredibly useful package, the sync package, I would say…

Yeah, it’s very good, isn’t it? We have time – if we want to, we have a bonus round, if you wanna keep going, one more round… Shall we do it?

[01:04:06.12] Let’s do a bonus round.

Let’s go!

Let’s do it then, okay. Okay, so please nominate, who’s gonna go head to head to decide who controls the board?

Oh, Lord…

What is this…?

Oh, I don’t wanna touch this one. I’m sitting this one out.

The question is, which popular development practice would you like to outlaw.

There’s gonna be some hot takes on this one.

There’s gonna be a lot of hot takes.

Oh, let me go. I have one.

Go, Mark…

Are you happy, team 1?


Hang yourself, Mark…

Okay. Who from team two is gonna go head to head with Mark?

Anybody have anything good? I’ve got one.

I don’t…

I don’t…

Sounds like it’s you then, Brian…


I think it’s Brian…

Alright, I have one.

Oh, you’ve got one?

Okay, go.


Yes, it is you first, Carlisia. What do you think?

Agile, what a good answer. Let’s see if it’s on the board…

That’s a terrible answer…

[win sound] [laughter] Indeed, it’s on the board… At number one.

Number one, baby.

14 people at number one said they’d like to outlaw Agile, Scrum or sprints.

Shot straight to my heart… That hurts me to my core.

It wasn’t me who said it; it was them.

She’s not speaking her own thoughts, just guessing what other people are saying…

She just channeled it…

This is also double points…

For real? You would never know, but that’s what I’m going with… [laughter]

Okay, that means team 2 takes control of the board, and… Johnny, it’s your turn to take the next guess.

This is a tough one…

It sure is.

Can I confer with my teammates?

It won’t help you. The product manager is in our team. [laughter]

A popular development practice you wanna outlaw…

Yeah, we’ve got four items on the board. Agile at number one has already been taken. Two, three and four still up for grabs, double points available… What do you think, Johnny?

And this is gonna be an unpopular opinion rolled into it… TDD.

TDD… That is an unpopular opinion. Is it on the board? Gophers say… [win sound]

Holy smokes…

Good job… [laughter]

At number two.

Listen up… There are like four development practices; we’re just gonna go through one by one and that’s it.

Well, we don’t want any of them as a community, as an industry?

No, I’m just saying, four is all there is. So we’ll just list them.

Maybe so… Let’s find out. It’s Kris’ turn next to have a guess. No conferring, please. Kris, which popular development practice would our Gophers like to outlaw, do you think?

I’m gonna say continuous delivery.

Oh, continuous delivery. CI/CD.

Gophers say… [fail sound]

No, they didn’t say that.

That would be really controversial.

So you lose a life, but that’s okay. Two lives left.

I mean, people wanna get rid of TDD, so…

I know. I don’t get why TDD is on here. This is ridiculous.

Who…? Give me their names…


Well, Carlisia – oh, Brian’s up.

Yeah. Brian, it’s your turn next. Do you have a guess?

I have an idea… Is it time to confer? If it is, I have an idea.

No, not yet. Soon though. Brian, what do you think?

Pair programming.

Oh, that’s a good one.

Gophers say… [win sound] Yes, indeed.

Boom. Boom.

It’s on there, and it’s at number four. Five people said they’d like to outlaw pair programming. They sound very social, those people… Well I don’t want to have a go at you. If you don’t like it, it’s fine. That’s good, ain’t it? Oh, it’s going well… So we’ve got 1, 2 and 4 taken; it just leaves number 3 to guess. Carlisia, it’s your turn. Can you guess what’s the final one? Two lives left…

I have an idea, but is it time to confer?

Just on your own, mate.

[01:08:01.13] Don’t repeat yourself.

Oh, I love that answer. DRY programming. Is it up there? Gophers say… [fail sound]

It’s alright.

I’m afraid not. Good answer though.

They don’t know better. [laughter]

You still have one life left… And it’s, of course, Johnny. Back around to Johnny. Johnny, final life…

Goodness. Wow, I’m getting all the hard ones.

Which popular development practice would you like to outlaw? We asked 100 Gophers which they would like to outlaw… What did they say?

Wait, I can’t confer?

No, I’m afraid not.

Only during a steal.

I will say – I’ll throw my hands up there and say extreme programming.

Oh, extreme programming. Gophers say… [fail sound] No, I’m afraid not. And that’s your three lives expired… Which means it’s an opportunity to steal. So you can confer now, everybody else, to steal these points, in team 1. Erik, Natalie, Mark, Angelica… What do you think could be the final answer?

What do people think about coding tests during interviews…?

I don’t know if that is a development practice…

Yeah, have we seen the rest of the answers…?

How about reviews?

Well, that’s fine…

Pull requests.

Yeah, I wonder if it’s something like software development lifecycle-related, but we’re talking like waterfall, or Kanban, or something… Or whether it’s like a configuration management infrastructure as code…

Test coverage being 100%…

I don’t know the answer, so hopefully you’re not trying to read my–

Didn’t you know? I love studying body language. We’ve already figured it out.

Oh… What is it then?

Kanban is not a bad choice… I’m still sticking to my coding tests, because that is unfortunately a popular practice in the development world… And these questions do get conflated with other things, as we’ve seen…

Yeah… And interviews - I don’t know whether people confuse it.

I’m also not sure.

Maybe code reviews, or something…

Yeah, code reviews is almost as ingrained as Agile stuff… [laughter]

But semantic import versioning in modules count as something we’d like to outlaw? [laughter]

Adding some spice to this…

Is that a really unpopular opinion? Should I not have said that…?

You can say what you like, mate. Go Time is the Wild West. Actually, I’d love an answer… Erik?

Alright… Who feels really confident about their answer? Because with the answers to all of these questions, I’m not feeling so confident…

Yeah. Code reviews - that’s such a vital one, but recently I’ve been put off with that when you lot all destroyed my reputation reviewing my code just then… [laughter]

It’s true.

Could this even just be meetings? [laughs]

I mean, maybe…

Would people say that, I guess, if you asked “What popular development practice would you like to outlaw?”

I’d say we say code reviews, or pull requests, slash, slash, slash, etc…

Yeah. All clumped together.

E.g, i.e..

I agree, I think that’s what it’s gonna be.

Okay, Erik, so what’s your final answer, please?

Let’s go with code reviews. We’ve got enough points anyway. [laughter]

Okay, code reviews to steal the board… Gophers say… [fail sound] No, I’m afraid not. It has been said, the answer…

Oh, no…

Why don’t we just quickly go around, each person, and you can have one final guess each? Starting with Johnny.

Big design upfront.

Big design upfront?

I don’t think anybody said that.

No, Johnny, it has been said. And that has not been said before.

The answer was waterfall, 64.

That was the first thing I thought…

I’m sorry, like – popular? Is waterfall really popular? [laughs]

I didn’t realize people are still doing waterfall…

I was gonna say, you can’t outlaw something that has already been outlawed…

[01:12:01.03] Why are there 64 respondents and only 12 points for that?

I think that is a very good question, Brian…

Jerod…! [laughter]

Let me get some clarity on that. We’ll find out…

It does feel like waterfall would be at the very top of that list…

It may be.

With 65 responses, and all…

It was a typo. It was six.

Oh, it’s six. Okay.

I typo-ed the number. It’s six.

I think we should win by default.

Okay, so six people said waterfall… So we had at number one Agile, number two was TDD, BDD or DDD, waterfall at number three, and pair programming at number four. I wouldn’t necessarily have answered those that same way… Would you? Very interesting.

Okay, so let’s have a look at the final scores. Team 2, 164 points… But team 1 taking the lead and the prize, which is nothing… You had 341 points. Congratulations to team 1. [applause]

So that’s it. That comes to the end – oh, some other interesting answers to this before we move on… Somebody said “Never going to v1” was something they would like to outlaw. Somebody wrote “Disagreeing with me specifically.” [laughter] That’s quite an interesting answer there…

Again, I’m gonna say, I think I was in that survey… Disqualified…

Meetings was mentioned…

These sound a lot like my responses, in a lot of cases…

Did you actually answer the survey, Mark?

No, you didn’t. Good. Thank you. Yeah… Just because it’s hard to separate out the joke from the lie sometimes, with you…

Well, they’re all pretty much one and the same. Joke and lie, they’re all–

Yeah, exactly. What’s the difference these days…? Post-truth world. Being super-clever was another answer that we got, so we want to outlaw being super-clever from –

Being super-clever is not a development practice… [laughter]

The famous developer practice of being a 10X That’s probably what they meant.

But I like where your head is at, dude… Whoever said that.

I think that means like a meta-programming kind of thing, is what they’d like to outlaw, more than being clever. I think a better term would say “Outlaw meta-programming.” You know, the Ruby stuff that you couldn’t ever grep for your codebase…

Yeah. I feel like hackathon should be on here, get rid of those.

So let’s have the lovely opinions…

Duck typing for programming should be outlawed… [laughs]

80 character limits on the line length.

Come on then, keep going; what do you hate? It’s a therapy session now. Just get it off your chest. [laughter]

I like spaces! I’m not gonna lie!

I love spaces. My dad just replying with one-word answers.

Not having a color-coded terminal should be outlawed.


Hm… Spicy.

[01:15:56] Well, we’re way over time, but wasn’t it worth it? Thank you so much for joining us on our special 200th episode. Two hundreDTH… Can anyone say that?

Two hundreth?

Two hundreth?

Yes, we can.

I think you leave out the d.

Nobody has a problem with that, mate.

It’s just you.

You’re not saying the d.

It’s just you, Mat…

Two hundredth…

Two hundreDTH. You’ve gotta say that d.

Two hundreth.

Nope. Still wrong, Mat.

Even I can.

There’s no d there, what is wrong with you?

Is it not?

Two hundreth?

You could say it’s ten score, if you really wanted to… [laughter] It’s an alternate way of getting you the same way, the same math…

I can say that. I wish I’d thought of that.

He’s been in graduate school for too long…

I’m trying to bring score back. You know, two score and five… I don’t mind admitting that.

Two score in four episodes ago… [laughter]

Fortnightly… Yeah, you’ll listen to this episode in a fortnightly time period… [laughter]

Isn’t it a fun language…?

Oh, isn’t it? Yeah, I’ve had lots of fun…

Can’t text abbreviate fortnight, that’s for sure.

True. Just put two w. Okay - well, I wanna say thank you again so much for coming… Brian Ketelsen, Erik St. Martin, Carlisia Thompson - the OG Go Time; it’s great back together and hang out. I really do mean that, so thank you so much. And also, we had Natalie Pistunovich, Kris Brandow, Angelica Hill, Johnny Boursiquot, and of course, Mark Bates. I was Mat Ryer… Thank you so much. Tell all your friends about Go Time if you want… See you later. Bye!

Bye, everyone.


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