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Go Time Go Time #146

Hits of the Summer

This episode is different than what you’re used to. We’ve been clipping highlights of the show for awhile now to share on Twitter and YouTube. A side effect of that effort is a bunch of awesome clips just sitting on Jerod’s hard drive collecting digital dust. So, here’s a beta test of a “best of” style clips show covering the summer months. Let us know if you like it!

Go Time Go Time #137

Focusing in on PostgreSQL

2020-07-09T14:00:00Z #postgresql +2 🎧 16,773

Choosing a database is hard. They each have their pros and cons, and without much experience it is hard to determine which is the best fit for your project. In this episode Johan Brandhorst joins us to talk about Postgres. When is it a good fit? How well does it scale? What libraries exist in Go for using Postgres?

Go Time Go Time #101

Security for Gophers

2019-10-03T11:00:00Z #go +1 🎧 15,163

Mat, Filippo, Johan, and Roberto discuss security in Go. Does Go make it easy to secure your code? What common mistakes are Gophers making? What is fuzzing? How can attackers abuse your code if you use the default http mux?

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