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Go Time Go Time #193

Caddy V2

Matt Holt joins Jon Calhoun to discuss Caddy, its history, and the process of creating a v2 of the popular web server. In the episode they discuss some of the challenges encountered while building the v2, reasons for doing a major rewrite, and more.

Matt Holt

Caddy 1.0, Caddy 2, and Caddy Enterprise 😱

Some big news coming from Matt Holt and team behind the Caddy web server.

Today, I am pleased to make a series of interconnected announcements, which marks a new beginning for the Caddy project and new opportunities for your websites and services:

  • Caddy 1.0 released
  • Reunified licensing
  • Caddy 2 and Caddy Enterprise are now in development
  • Partnership with Ardan Labs

Should we get Matt on Go Time soon to talk through the details?

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