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LiteTree – a modification of the SQLite engine to support git-like branching

Imagine being able to have many connections to the same database, each one reading a separate branch or commit at the same time. Or even writing to separate branches. This is a good idea and a testament to the versatility of SQLite. Click through to read how it works and how they’ve managed to 2x the performance of SQLite on Linux and macOS.

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Induction - Polyglot database client for Mac OSX supporting PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, and MongoDB out-of-the-box

Induction is an ambitious new project from Matt Thompson to explore, query, and visualize data from SQL and NoSQL sources including PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis, and MongoDB. While in early alpha, the project shows promise. Check out the project web site or grab the source on GitHub to contribute.

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