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JS Party JS Party #60

You might want to read up on PAW Patrol

2019-01-25T12:00:00Z #javascript 🎧 7,473

Your 3 intrepid hosts try to explain JS concepts (bind/apply, thunks, and ReasonML) to each other as if we’re five year olds. Hilarity and/or confusion ensues. During Pro Tip Time, Suz tells a story of woe, KBall motivates himself, and Jerod tries to keep you in the flow. Finally, we point our project spotlight at Fly CDN and talk edge applications and IoT.

JS Party JS Party #52

Nest 'dem loops

2018-11-16T12:00:00Z #javascript +1 🎧 6,765

NESTED LOOPS is a JavaScript band that combines music and video with web tech to perform live at JSConf. In this episode, Jerod and Suz are joined by Jan Monschke and Kahlil Lechelt, which comprise 2/3 of the group.

After sampling one of their tracks, we hear the story of how they got the band together, the journey of building a tech stack for their first live performance, and how that stack was then rewritten to be “good” for their second performance. Suz is at awe with the technologies at play. Jerod wonders if there’s room in the world for musicians directly targeting JavaScript devs. A good time is had by all.

JS Party JS Party #48

LIVE from Node + JS Interactive

2018-10-19T17:00:00Z #javascript 🎧 6,693

KBall, Nick, and Suz MC’d a live show at Node + JS Interactive in Vancouver with Tierney Cyren (Node Foundation) and Dave Methvin (JS Foundation) to discuss the proposed merger between the JS Foundation and the Node Foundation. What’s happening with the merger? What does this merger mean for everyday JavaScript developers and the ecosystem?

JS Party JS Party #46

Fantastic bugs and how to squash them

2018-10-05T17:00:00Z #javascript 🎧 7,369

Safia, Suz, KBall and Nick get together to talk about bugs! Not those pesky things you’re scared to squash because they might suddenly jump on you — this is all about JavaScript bugs; how you prevent some of the common ones, what tools you can use to reduce bugs in your code, and a panel group therapy session where they discuss the most difficult bug they’ve had to fix.

Away from Keyboard Away from Keyboard #7

Suz Hinton says find your allies

2018-09-26T17:00:00Z #culture 🎧 2,785

Almost eight years ago, Suz Hinton made one of the biggest decisions of her life: move away from her home in Melbourne, Australia and move to the United States. After amicably breaking up with her boyfriend, another decision lied ahead: would she stay?

Suz talks to me about culture shock, the hoops she had to jump through to get her visa, her parents, and dealing with burnout.

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