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Go Time Go Time #264

Long-term code maintenance

2023-01-27T20:00:00Z #go +1 🎧 17,446

Ole Bulbuk & Sandor Szücs join Natalie to discuss the ins & outs of long-term code maintenance. What does it take to maintain a codebase for a decade or more? How do you plan for that? What about inheriting a codebase for the long term? Oh, and (how) can AI help?

Go Time Go Time #231

Berlin's transition to Go

2022-05-26T16:00:00Z #go 🎧 19,398

The Berlin tech ecosystem was all about PHP/Python for a long time. In the recent years it became a tech hub and an early adopter of Go. In this conversation we’ll see how this reflects in the 10+ years old Go meetup, with the meetup organizing team.

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