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Go Time Go Time #172

Design philosophy

2021-03-25T15:30:00Z #go +1 🎧 17,953

In this insight-filled episode, Bill Kennedy joins Johnny and Kris to discuss best practices around the design of software in Go. Bill talks through scenarios, lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid in both architecture and coding of Go projects.

Go Time Go Time #72

Learning and teaching Go

2018-03-22T10:39:17Z #go 🎧 11,512

Bill Kennedy joined the show and talked with Carlisia about learning Go, teaching Go (which is something we’ll do at some point or another), making good presentations, and other interesting projects and news.

Go Time Go Time #30

Discussing Imposter Syndrome

2017-01-19T20:00:00Z #go 🎧 7,621

Johnny Boursiquot and Bill Kennedy joined the show with Erik and Carlisia to talk about a hard subject — Imposter Syndrome. Not often enough do we get to have open conversations about the eventual inadequacies we all face at some point in our career; some more often than others. You are !imposter.

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