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Go Time Go Time #107

Compilers and interpreters

2019-11-22T22:00:00Z #go 🎧 15,214

Thorsten Ball and Tim Raymond join Mat Ryer and Mark Bates to talk about compilers and interpreters. What are the roles of compilers and interpreters? What do they do? The how and why of writing a compiler in Go. We also talk about Thorsten’s books “Writing an Interpreter in Go” and “Writing a Compiler in Go.”

Go Time Go Time #28

Creating a programming language

2016-12-23T19:00:00Z #go 🎧 8,975

Thorsten Ball joined the show to talk about creating a programming language, writing an interpreter, why he wrote the book “Writing An Interpreter in Go”, how writing a language/interpreter will help you better understand other programming languages, building a computer from Nand to Tetris, and his thoughts on imposter syndrome.

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